Americans Sit Idle As ‘Nanites’ Infect Their Bodies – List of infected foods

Smaller than a red blood cell

Smaller than a red blood cell

AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE IS A LIST OF ALL PRODUCTS, PEPSI/NESTLE ETC WHO USE NANITES. I have been reading this story for a week or so after watching a video done by Rise Together a real nice girl who’s You Tube channel is really simple to understand and informative. She is part of a group holding a rally this Friday where they discuss ‘Taking America Back’ Sadly she even concedes the blind and uneducated on 2015 America won’t show up and the one’s who are will be too lazy, although they do expect a good turnout. I have been watching this girl who is a retired licensed psychotherapist in private practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia, she stopped working on ethical and moral grounds. She started to see the America I see, the America Millions now see. She tells the exact same story, but better, than most do on the subject matter of the ‘Downfall of the USA’ I know I waste my time asking American’s to watch a 20 minute video by a REAL CLEVER WOMAN from the USA. Had this been about my Country I can say 99% of us would have watched it by now and I can say the same for probably all of the developed 1st World Countries, for A REASON American people don’t want to know. As I have said I don’t hate America and I don’t hate Americans <Click) I speak to 100’s of Americans. It got pointed out to me there are in-fact a few hundred Million in America, something I did know, and that ‘How could I possibly know what ALL American’s think’ My reply would be the same for where I am in Scotland, you see charts and graphs and how people react to news and you get an educated perspective on a populous, trust me when you research about the World as much as I do you get to know a populous pretty well. China for example, the people are rising up they don’t want what they have, they want democracy and freedom and taken out of radical Communism PS: Communism at it’s truest form would be paradise on Earth, it is love and equality, sadly Communism is radical in our World, same radical as a very small percentage of Muslims and Christians alike.

She REALLY is a wonderful girl

She REALLY is a wonderful girl

Nanites if you go and research are small electrical devices with one job, they can attack the brain, liver, kidney, lungs, whatever part they are programmed to attack. I know many won’t watch the video below but America you eat these Nanites every day. This tells you about what Nanites are As you can see the full name is ‘Nanorobotics’ I will put the video below and at the bottom I will put links such as ‘American Mum’s against Nanites’ People who actually do research with no fear, because in the long term it may save their lives have started websites all over America to bring this to your attention, if you don’t know I am sharing the story with you. America, start taking your own people, your own country and issues as real, why is it a disabled guy from Scotland is having to tell many stories they have no idea about? I present FACTS and like this girl about to explain what Nanites do to your bodies, making 10’s of millions of Americans ill, leaving Dr’s totally stunned and unsure, then leading the Dr to send patients with strange symptoms to psychotherapists, psychotherapist like the lady above, well she used to be, this is what peaked her interest in this subject, she is in a perfect position to tell this story. The only things is, will you listen? I say no, I say many will see the headline and skip past and those who will partially read and not listen to the Girl will come at me telling me I am wrong. But I expect this from American people now, the ignorant Religious ones who take “Ignorant and Religious” as slander or name calling, it might be a cultural thing but this is the last thing I do. I tell you stories that could get me into trouble and I do so because I care, your call America. Live with the truth like 10’s of Millions do and alter your life accordingly or ignore it and die

Americans sit idle as nanites infect thier bodies in Nazi-style government experiment
VIDEO Via Rise Together on You Tube

These are in your bodies America

These are in your bodies America


This is a Nanite blown up 1,000,000 times so the human eye can see

This is a Nanite blown up 1,000,000 times so the human eye can see

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3 comments on “Americans Sit Idle As ‘Nanites’ Infect Their Bodies – List of infected foods

  1. This does not really surprise me at all. I have thought for many years that we are being experimented upon in such ways. It explains a lot about the strangeness of some of the illnesses we are now coming across, especially those for which we have no way to cure, such as some forms of cancers, neurological diseases, epidemics that suddenly appear again after many years when we thought they had been irradicated. If these are inside us now it also explains why the human immune system is less able to fight today diseases as easily and why antibiotics are slowly becoming useless at fighting infections. These little buggers are causing mutations, are negating the effects of medicines, all in order to experiment with population control.

    The film transcendence comes to mind with this. The nanites eventually end up in everything. The air, the soil, the water. It is a technology that should be used for good not evil. If America thinks it is the only one infected then it would be very much mistaken. By now these nanites will have spread worldwide on air currents, on currents in the rivers, seas and oceans. From human to human through bodily contact and body fluids. Travellers will have spread them world wide and if they can create them, surely they can make them self perpetuating.

    I ask if it is worth worrying about and come to the conclusion “No”. They are in us and there is nothing we can do to stop it. We have become lab rats. Our DNA is being manipulated from within.

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