Federal Bureau of Prisons to Purchase 5 Million Rounds of Ammo

This was another purchase

This was another purchase

Obama has the powers TODAY to take America into Martial Law. The first video is from Politicians and Media, as fact. A One World Communist Government is a key word just now. Obama has full control of your home, water and food. This is from ‘The Hill’ http://thehill.com/regulation/243520-administration-preps-new-gun-regulations Like I have said over the last 18 month’s Obama or whoever is running the USA Show want your Guns, they know they can’t get all guns so are buying all the bullets. Many will say “But we can make bullets” My answer is simply “Why does your Government want you to have guns with no Bullets” in the first place? This is not a developing story it’s an ongoing story. FEMA have the powers to imprison any American for ANY amount of time and YOU have no say over this. This has been signed into your new laws. I will leave some links at the bottom to other stories or articles like ‘The Hill’ one above. The game is starting America, are you ready? I don’t make this up, read, watch, research America. Don’t dismiss because you think “That can’t be” Actually read and learn guys. Please. Here is proof of purchase https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=16fcdcaadecf98ed57c771dba80357aa&tab=core&_cview=0

Everything I have written about this over the last few years https://shaunynews.com/?s=USA+Gun&submit=Search & https://shaunynews.com/?s=USA+FEMA&submit=Search

It’s Getting Serious! Our Government is building FEMA Camps!!
Via Rand Paul Fan on You Tube

Federal Bureau of Prisons to Purchase 5 Million Rounds of Ammo
Via DAHBOO777 on You Tube

~~~~Via: http://investmentwatchblog.com/federal-bureau-of-prisons-to-purchase-5-million-rounds-of-ammo-including-hollow-tip/ ~~~~

Another branch of the federal government is poised to make a massive purchase of ammunition, including hollow points, an expanding bullet designed for “maximizing tissue damage and blood loss or shock.”

  • A new Federal Bureau of Prisons shopping list includes:
  • 1 million 9 mm Lugar 124 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point rounds;
  • 1 million 9 mm Lugar 124 Grain Jacketed Ball rounds;
  • 1 million 9 mm Lugar 115 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point rounds;
  • 1.5 million .223 caliber 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket rounds;
  • 40,000 12 Gauge #4 Buckshot 27 Pellets rounds;
  • 185,000 12 Gauge #7 ½ shot rounds;
  • 10,000 12 Gauge Rifled Slug 1 oz.;
  • and 55,000 Cartridge .308 168 Grain Boat Tail rounds.
  • The list was posted as an online solicitation at FedBizOpps.gov

It specifies that the source of the millions of rounds can only be a “Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business,” and the ammunition must be delivered to various agency locations over a period of several years.

“All ammunition must be new initial load. NO RELOADED ammunition will be accepted, inclusive of factory or otherwise.” The solicitation will be available about June 15 through the website, officials said. All you ever needed to know about guns and gun rights – right from the WND Superstore

“Faith-based and community-based organizations can submit offers/bids/quotations equally with other organizations for contracts for which they are eligible,” the site explains. Previous bulk ammunition purchases by the government, which have raised concerns, including the Department of Homeland Security plan in 2012 to purchase 200 million rounds and another by the Social Security Administration.

The purchases are being made by non-military branches of the government and largely follow the election of Barack Obama to the White House. His support of gun control, ammunition limits and the like have left critics describing him as the best gun and ammunition salesman in history, as business for gun stores has soared under his administration.

The U.S. Department of Education also has been acquiring Glock pistols and Remington shotguns, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been acquiring ammunition, Infowars reports. WND reported in March an effort by the White House to ban supplies for the popular AR-15 rifle failed in the face of a massive backlash.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest had claimed that the .223-caliber M855 ball should be banned because it can penetrate an officer’s soft armor and can be fired not just from sporting rifles but “easily concealable weapons.” The term “easily concealable” was used to describe the AR-15 handgun. A bulky six pounds and 25 inches long, the semi-automatic version of the weapon, with a magazine, would be difficult to conceal, say firearms experts. And it would likely not be the first choice of any street thug or gang member, as it retails for between $1,000 and $2,000.

In fact, gun-rights advocates and law enforcement agencies contacted by WND say they have been unable to document a single incident in which a police officer has been taken down by a criminal using an AR-15 handgun in the 20 years since the M855 ball has been exempted from the federal ban on armor-piercing bullets. It was exempted based on its use for sporting purposes. WND also has reported the federal government’s ammunition purchases have attracted considerable attention, including from members of Congress such as Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan

http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1069332/pg1 < American’s, just like you, talking about this story




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One comment on “Federal Bureau of Prisons to Purchase 5 Million Rounds of Ammo

  1. Some have tried to suggest this is normal bullet order for US Prisons, it is 80% more than the years before if you check the links. One link has the receipt for this transaction by Government x


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