Forget for a second we are Countries apart


Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica

I just made up the headline and I have no idea how I am going to write this, but I will keep it short and to the point. For obvious reasons we are different cultures with different values, often values others don’t get. Like when someone found out I was Scottish and asked me “Do you wear kilts to go shopping” 😀 Now, for the record the answer is no, we NEVER see people in Kilts here and I have worn a kilt maybe 3 times in my life, some wear them to all parties the vast majority don’t wear kilts unless it’s a wedding, just a cultural thing people from outside Scotland see and presume it’s a custom we do every day. It would be like me asking if Belly dancers from India dressed like that every day or if someone from Australia is always saying “Put another shrimp of the barby” (Bar-B-Q) Or asking people in Hawaii if the whole populous dresses the same as the girls at the hotel, the answers are the same, NO THEY DON’T. Pick any Cultural thing we see on TV or read about and you will find when these people are not being ‘Cultural’ to their countries they are like you or I. Basically we are all the same, built the same, we all bleed, we all take a shit. Sorry but it’s true, I am above nobody, below nobody, I just shoot the words as they enter my head and hope I don’t offend people looking to be offended easily, we all know what Country they come from, but we will leave it there. Above are the 6 continents out of the 7 on Earth, can you name them all? Seriously, wherever you are on Earth, can you name them? I can, if you can, no cheating, leave the answer, lol. I have answered, can you spot it, how clever are you? Can you read font’s? Anyway, we are only opposed by invisible lines, take these borders away and we are all one but we are not all one. We fight, argue, War and worse. Some like War through a book others want to stand in solidarity with the little guy. I am just saying what we all should think, I know more than half our World thinks like I do, it’s easy to see and tell so. Social Networking has brought me to many people and places and if I am being honest I am not a huge social media fan. Sadly being disabled, or ‘A lazy b@stard’ if you are my, well a relation, we will leave it there. This allows me time to sit and learn and I love that, I am open minded and I wouldn’t and couldn’t be any other way. Are you open minded or is your mind controlled and closed? Answer or don’t, I have nothing to gain or lose from answers here, 🙂

for now…


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