Homeless man sums up American society, Our World, 2015, TODAY

indexObadiah from Austin, USA spoke to a stranger, a 1 in 1 Million Stranger who wasn’t scared to talk to this Homeless guy. I listened to this guy speak, he got caught with a tiny piece of marijuana, then lost his home, wife, job, company he owned as a contractor, went to jail and discovered a new America on his release for an outdated law in a lopsided America where one state you can smoke Weed and in another next door you can’t, it’s 20 years in Prison, he seen an America he admits he didn’t see before he went into jail. Again I write about the USA but the States are this beacon for hope, this dream you guys used to have, it died and SOME of you are so brainwashed by media and just living your way you don’t see Obediah or people like him, he scares you. I have written many times, if I see a homeless person in Edinburgh I will give him £5 ($11) or something. We have this problem but being a small country with 4.5 Million people we notice and see these issues easier than other countries. 1 in every 400,000 people in Scotland are homeless, I would challenge this number as it’s saying about 1 in every 10 people are homeless, I don’t see that number in Edinburgh but it might be true elsewhere I really don’t know. I hear 600 people a day die in the USA due to no Healthcare and a further 120 a day die in the USA due to dying outside in Winter time, so we share the same issues here ok, Scotland and the USA have homeless people, we deal with it and there are many help stations. Do you guys? I am asking. For now, listen to the voice of REALITY guys, this could EASILY be me or you. Links below, this guy made World news. I ask simply, what does this small story tell us about the bigger picture in our World? I will leave your soul to deal with that question. The REAL irony is, people will see this headline and keep walking, give it a miss, so my point is valid

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Homeless guy spits some truth. Via Tyler Mann on You Tube




for now…


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