Why The USA should vote Bernie Sanders and rejoin humanity – In 1 short video


So researching one thing brought me to another. This is a guy called Bernie Sanders; he is Bernie Saunders Senator for Vermont. What he says, what he describes is what pretty much what all of Europe and 1st World enjoy as their ‘LIFE’ every single day. This video is 180 seconds, I ask you America to know what he says is my reality, my World, a World YOU are being denied, a World many get angry at as you don’t have, a World your media has brainwashed you into thinking you have. Bernie wants’ FREE HEALTHCARE for every American forever. Now that won’t do his cause any good because big pharmaceutical companies won’t want to lose $ Billions a year, this is a HUGE object to overcome America. Bernie points out “Less money on War, more money on Education and Health and a living wage for ALL” That’s right; you had steak for tea last night? Know the reality, sadly, is most people in your Country can’t afford steak every or any night. Now I know many will be offended but I figured the game out a long time ago America. You are brain washed; you think when people like me, who really are only trying to help, are the bad people. Having a go at America and its people. THIS I HAVE NEVER DONE, but you must first watch this video, 180 seconds of your life, and prove me wrong in all I say. Your Media and Religion have blinded you so much you actually BACK WAR in so many ways it is untrue. We see it over here and most just laugh and walk away, I don’t America, I try to open your eyes. Sadly I can’t, but I won’t stop trying ok. The video below is what I take for granted what the 1st World and some 2nd World Countries just take for granted. I ask what kind of America do you want. Forget Foreign shored, just think you, your kids, your Grandkids, think of all them for not today but for tomorrow and all the tomorrow’s to come.  What do you want for them? Hunger and no healthcare? Or a LIVING WAGE AND FREE HEALTHCARE? FOR ALL!! Again, that very quick video below is my life, I am not boasting, I am just telling you it is my reality as I try to help friends to see what you are missing. Give Bernie Saunders a chance, or watch your Media flatten him into the background. Yup, good old media does that, they did it to my Country Scotland last year, media tricked 5% to vote no, that 5% would have made a yes, this year we made up for it. But America, what exactly do you want? You want to give your money to Israel and not your kids? Race is a huge problem in the USA and because it is your normal you can’t see it. If I was to call anyone ‘B@lack’ over here I would be in a LOT of trouble, labelling people is a bad place to be. Your Cops own and kill you at their word and time and get away with it. Watch the video this guy is offering you, and step back to the World America. One last thing, your President just stopped a War with Iran and has opened America up to allow Palestine to be free, to have it’s own life and not be under Israeli rule!!! THAT IS PROGRESS!!! THAT IS LESS WAR!!! LESS MONEY SPENT ON WAR!! AND LESS AMERICAN LIVES KILLED ALONG WITH OTHERS FROM FOREIGN SHORES!!! YET YOU, AMERICA, DON’T WANT THIS???????????? Why? Ask! Ask yourself. I used capitol letters above not because I am angry or any other emotion, I try only to open your minds and eyes to a new reality, our reality over here and all over the World. Since WWII America has been a total War machine, so much in-fact you missed it. When will you change?  What will make you change? Jade Helm? and other boogie men stories? Wake up friends, please, for the love of God wake up. Or think of only you, your family and forget I shared this 😉 If you don’t vote Bernie, then do something different. This can’t continue, the World will be dragged down with you. Allow peace and spend your tax Dollar on a better life. I don’t know if this guy is the real deal, all I am saying is what he is doing, what he is saying is the normal life for most in our World, developed World for sure. Ron Paul had good ideas, ideas that would benefit people at home but your media chased him away also. You guys must stand as 1 and figure this out, the longer you sit and do nothing, the more you lose. Why can’t you see it? How many American’s have seen this video and many like it? Maybe that question is the root of the problem?

When will the USA learn?

When will the USA learn?


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In 180 Seconds You Will Be Voting For Bernie Sanders
Via Bernie Sanders 2016 on You Tube

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