Nicola Sturgeon Loved up on USA Daily Show appearance (Full Video)

Nicola on the Jon Stewart show

Nicola on the Jon Stewart show

Brilliant by Nicola, loved by America. And WE DID invent the modern world!

The Daily Show – Nicola Sturgeon
Via Comedy Central on You Tube

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Despite fears that she wouldn’t live up to her accidental billing as a comedian, Nicola sturgeon raised more than few laughs in her appearance on US comedy news programme the Daily Show. She was also on a morning show and a late night show, so in 1 day she was on 3 USA TV Shows

Sitting down across from host Jon Stewart, the most senior UK politician to have done so, the First Minister said she found the experience, “exciting, if a little scary”.

“You billed on me your website as a comedian,” she told Stewart. “You raised all these expectations that I’m going to be funny. I’m a politician. As you know politicians aren’t funny”.

“You don’t have to worry,” said Stewart. “They thought for the last 17 years that I was going to be funny”.

The genial chat between the two saw Stewart, who leaves the show in Autumn, tease the First Minister for expressing disappointment at not winning all the seats in Scotland at the general election.

“What you think you’re Saddam Hussein?” he said, “You want 99%? 56 out of 59 is pretty good.”

“Well I think you should always aim for more,” replied the First Minister.

The interview gave the SNP leader ample opportunity to promote Scotland to an audience of millions.

Stewart asked her: “You have pledged for Scotland greater self determination, more financial independence but now after the election that has crashed head on with the reality that Westminster still controls the purse strings; still believes in austerity as receipts can dwindle for the GDP of Scotland… my question to you is this, First Minister… what is haggis”?

“Haggis is delicious,” said Sturgeon, “Have you tasted haggis?”

As well as haggis, the First Minister said, Scotland is a place of great Scotch whisky and great cities and great scenery. Scotland invented the modern world Sturgeon said.

Stewart gave the SNP a little bit of advice for any future attempts at independence: “Do you know what they hate?” he asked “When you throw their stuff in their water.”

The First Minister got her biggest laugh when a question about the Scottish economy turned to oil.

“You have oil?” Stewart said, “May we invade you?”

“This is progress!” said Sturgeon. “We just heard Jon there, presumably on behalf of the US, asking for permission to invade an oil producing country, it doesn’t normally work that way…”

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6 comments on “Nicola Sturgeon Loved up on USA Daily Show appearance (Full Video)

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  3. She is a Politician 1st keep in mind. Her journey from my City to your Country was Political, make no mistake. London and the USA are banging heads as London want’s to cease trading Oil in the American Dollar, knowing the Dollar is collapsing so slowly it’s taking people slowly and it’s so visible now Americans see it. Just go read from your own Kin in here on ANY agenda and you see it.


    Forum: (Link to forum is on page above in the middle) < Look at all forums, the Religion one I love to read, just an example. .x

    That is American's from Rich/Poor, from Teachers to uneducated, from informed to less informed people, transgender/gay, race & it's definition and all in-between and all people across its spectrum. You get my point here. I have been on that site above since 2004, check my profile by searching my name in there..
    Amazing site, run and written by smart American people like you. Now it's a Global site with a MILLION+ users from all corner's of our World, amazing information in there, there is hate but the oppression is silenced by good people form all over, it's amazing times seeing our World change to peace slowly. And as the World wakes up, Scotland as it free's herself from an uneven Union will enter a new World. We must co-exist here before we go free and deal as Scotland alone in all types of trade. Our tourism and Whiskey sales = more than our Oil's worth, so we can stand alone. London will have to up their game and take defeat like men. And we don't hate when we walk away, we want them to come with us, sadly English people are worse off 😦 And I don't like this, not at all..Irish and others who are free stand with us all. The 'C(K Sound) Celtic nations stand as one, we outnumber London's criminals and corporate/fascist hate and oppression and Thatcher's legacy, my elders felt and I felt and still do, her party are still bad.

    Nicola I met, she is amazing and kind. But she is fierce and funny. She can belittle a bitter, battle hardened Political old men from London, safely away from us all apart from the 67 WE ELECTED TO LONDON 🙂 who call her 'Little Hitler' , she can love anyone. London are starting to wish Scotland was free, and Nicola and Alex, with the SNP and her people (Like me) all knew/Know the story line. Don't hate back, just be in their faces with love and caring about BRITAIN'S People always. We want to be free, but have we awoken the English people to our dream? It's seems so!! Check this, it's now in 100's of Thousands, 800,000 last time I looked. < English people, North England people wanting what Scotland already has, own parliament and fiscal rule for us and for our poor, old and disabled. And more is coming, power for Scotland I mean. They want our Oil. We are playing a GOOD GAME right now Scotland. I am OVER JOYED to see it and live it.. My Daughters and all out young and ones to enter our small nation 11% populated in peace, we have problems, but we deal with them not ignore them

    This is Scotland, it is our Culture and our ways.. x
    But I agree, she did well with Jon. When she said "Scotland invented the modern World" She was greeted with lack of knowledge *No hate 😀 * but she was correct, we did. But refresh your memory by watching this again quickly and seeing and hearing how Nicola said "Scotland Invented the Modern World" to Jon, and you see what I say. We don't boast, we are saying "We can be free and stand on our own 2 feet without London rule " we are demanding "We can be free" and in the end WE WILL BE FREE..
    The fight is hard, the Whitehall surge of hate is angering many, we must stay strong, we must remain focused, we stopped fighting hate with hate. We just KNOW we will be free. Our love and compassion as a people will free us with the energy of our youth and wisdom of our new elders and the #Solidarity movement washing over our World. Truly it is AMAZING to see. Happening in America too, all over our World people are saying "NO MORE! NO MORE" Then sing son's in love about oppression.
    Life is easy. We make it hard often, today, the World, my World, Scotland, we are making it easy through oppression by refusing to be bullied. But we do it by sharing knowledge and compassion. We delete hate.

    USA has done ALL this…
    Maybe some of you forgot?
    So when oppression is seen, you all know? xx

    All any of us can do is get clever, learn, be knowing and be knowledge. Then we can share knowing we can debate it to it's point, even the small print. This World is becoming active, activating, evolving and energizing. Who can resist this? Really? x lol

    Luvz ya x

    We don't hate. But look at our lands song. The lyrics we sing. Who did we stand against? Scotland stood against London, we sent HIM home. We can sing this freely in open, all over the World. We have free minds first before our land becomes. x

    This is what I mean
    Scotland fans sing Flowers of Scotland in Germany. Check this, German lad filmed this, look at them looking over at us 🙂 WOW! They are filming and taking pictures why? I know why. Watch this video if you choose to watch 1..Germans applaud our spirit, then us them … America will know MORE very soon x


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