NYPD Cops Shamelessly Talk About How a Murdered 14-Year-Old ‘Deserved To Die’


I PROMISED  friends from the USA I would tell a news others won’t and media in the USA won’t about #PoliceStateUSA <Click) I am sick when I see, read or hear this. #Ferguson was bad but it was and is the tip of a HUGE iceberg. I am not going to rattle on any more with this story today. It is vile and America PLEASE KEEP SHARING IMAGES, COPS ON FACEBOOK WHO SAY THIS!!! WAKE UP AND I KNOW YOU ARE! Keep it coming America, you are waking up and I LOVE IT!!

~~~Via: http://countercurrentnews.com/2015/05/cold-hearted-nypd-cops-14-year-old/ ~~~~

A 14-year-old Bronx resident was on his way to school on Friday when he was fatally shot by a gunman presumed to be a gang member. Eye-witnesses say that the shooter had a red bandana on when the shooting of young Christopher Duran took place.  The shooting was caught on surveillance video, clearly showing Duran being shot four times.

The young boy died screaming for his mother. Even the coldest of hearts would go out to the boy and his family under these circumstances. Most people would respond to this shooting with words like “tragedy” and “senseless” or simply “sad” or a “shame.” But three former NewYork Police Department officers decided this was a good time to gloat in this young boy’s death. The NYPD cops called the murder victim a “piece of shit thug,” as well as a “piece of trash”. He was also deemed a “menace to the neighborhood.” Mic.com reports that all of this took place in the comments section of a post made by a former police officer on Facebook.

That poster is also a current CNN contributor, according to Mic. Thomas Verni’s post was quickly taken over by three former NYPD officers who blamed Duran for his own murder, and used the opportunity to smear his name. The officers making the comments are: Brian Charles, Joseph Gasparre and Andrew Blethen

sick-cops (1)

Blethen later called Duran’s death a “tragedy.” But he said there is no need to “blow it out of proportion.”


An NYPD representative confirmed to Mic that Joseph Gasparre and Andrew Blethen are both former NYPD cops. The NYPD would only say that “Brian Charles” is “too common” a name for them to definitively confirm or deny. But his Instagram account shows him wearing an NYPD uniform back in 2006.

Sick cop

Sick cop

Mic notes that “Another post on Instagram identified the poster as Sgt. Brian McMenamin of the NYPD’s Computer Training Unit, which the NYPD’s website describes as a technical unit responsible for instructing other officers on ‘proper operation and usage of both standalone and online computer applications.’”


Gasparre responded to Mic when he was asked for comment, saying the following:


This is the mentality of those who have been charged to “serve and protect.” Apparently they believe that their job affords them the right to judge who is worthy of life and who is better off dead… even if they are only 14-years-old.

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The reason I write, mainly my purpose

The reason I write, mainly my purpose

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6 comments on “NYPD Cops Shamelessly Talk About How a Murdered 14-Year-Old ‘Deserved To Die’

  1. Well I never ever been over there, but I believe that we have our own problems here in France, but this is terrible how a man who should protect the citizens could talk like that about a boy.

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  2. I read, understand and respect you always, you know this already…
    But we must stick to JUST the story for now, just for now. This is an American issue, It happens all over the World also. We must stop the hate before we can teach the peace. I do understand your words here, perfect sense to me. Great comment. But still, stick to the story and WHY, then we turn to fixing it and then we can say HOW do we fix it..

    At this stage it’s a HUGE Race problem in the USA. It seems every week a Bl@ck person dies at the hands of a Wh@ite cop (I AM SORRY, THE B….WORD OFFENDS ME TO DEATH AND BACK)
    Ferguson wasn’t the start, it was just more visible as too many PEOPLE said the same story. The cop shot the kid in the head while he had his hands in the air screaming mercy. I have seen the video via a link, it’s disturbing. The media from where I sit always seem to believe skin color or refuse skin color.

    You know I CAN’T hate. I choose not too. I am passionate to the point I don’t care when the Internet is turned off then I am living like anyone. But while medium is alive and I can write, I will…

    Just the story..Later we can ask why. Where his parents good? Was he in a Gang? Did he do wrong? OR!! DID HE DESERVE TO DIE?…………..

    These are my opinions ONLY looking in from the hilltop where the people are oppressed, same as me, same as people Worldwide.

    Often I ask God or myself a simple question, that is..
    “Who are the REAL bad guys in our World”
    Are they visible or hidden?
    Only you can answer your version of the question.

    Luvz ya x


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