Anonymous: A Call to Better


There is a misconception that the Anonymous movement, a hive of people from all over the World trying to spread a truth is there to spread false news to the sheeple who sleep, this I think is not the case here. I am a face, I have no mask. I shared Anonymous 10 years ago and people laughed and asked me of what medication I took. I am disabled NOW with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) I was disabled then. But offended I was not. I know the World slowly, I learn our World slowly. In more ways than I can tell you dear reader. I harm nobody, I allow information to flow and if you want to see it then see it, if not, go watch TV or read a book and forget me and a movement with a simple way about it. Know Anonymous are by nature our School teachers, police officers, politicians, leaders and even religion, YES! Oh yes, Anonymous is a way of being by many you would not think, these people don’t like what they are asked, so share from the inside, seeing thinking and knowing. To discredit the information flow without regard and only by it’s title is ignorance, but denying your ignorance will be ALL OUR DEATHS. I write about many things and this is one from a 100 things. I ask Anonymous permission to share this, to give this information that is not mine, to others, so they can decide to take it or leave it


Amaterasu Solar

As a friend pointed out to me ” If only We could educate 100 People a day about a better way We could choose to do things…” I could only reply with “If 100 people a day learnt what we do, and told 100 a day, in a month, our World would know” But that is not allowed as far as my stupid Scottish mind can see or feel or want to see. I see closed minds but thankfully people with nothing and or everything who offer help and knowledge exist all in corners and streets in our World, often sadly ignored by the masses, are you in the masses or the enlightened? I won’t claim this message as mine as it comes from others, but as part of the free thinkers movement of expression and desire and hope, I hope Anonymous and my friends who think clearly are ok with me trying to share the news they share and needs sharing. Again, this IS MY MESSAGE but it never came from me in this blog, I only shared it because I feel it as correct and possibly a way forward. You must choose what you think is right. We must evolve our minds to the unthinkable and think at least of it’s possibility of existence. To deny knowledge is sin, humanity must stand as one in all and any ways we can. I won’t say who is wrong nor whom is right. I can only share the essence of a story I can see and feel, now you must look for yourself and educate yourself. As said, if 100 people learnt this every day then told another 100 and they then shared with another 100 people, then in a month Humanity, our World, would be different, equality would happen and war would stop, food would be a real thing for many and not a luxury handed down cap in hand. To understand the message we must listen to it and prove it. I think ANONYMOUS have shown a story from way back when the ideology was 4chan. Do we take it or leave it? All I know is from 15 years ago I knew 5 or 10 people who thought like the ‘Hive’, today Millions are THE HIVE. Again, Anonymous friends, you awoke me, you shared you asked people to wake up, I woke up and shared, like others. I fear no mask I respect, I come as Shaun with my face in image. But that is my choice, fear is not a part of my make up, what will be will be. Only know I am above nobody, below nobody, I am equal. I am to believe our World is to expect something. Maybe some will dislike this, maybe some will like this. Please know I tried only to share, I mean no disrespect or ill feelings. I am doing what we all should be doing, that is trying to see more, feel more, care more. Not for me but for my Children and your Children so one day our World has balance and equality. This for me is the message. Please tell me if my message here is wrong. But tell me why, don’t just deny or say no, explain where I am wrong, of course to call me wrong you must understand the message. I can’t do any more, this is my limit. I hope I help 1 person, if I do help 1 person to see or at least want to see, job done I learnt this through a process I did not ignore or devalue.

Your call humans

I must share this for me, for you, for our World.
I am Anonymous, I am a face as well. I wear no mask.
I share for Humanuty. I agree with it’s logic, nothing more.
I respect Anonymous, I believe we and you can do better….
Your call Human. I know what I decide to call.. .
Good luck x

Anonymous: A Call to Better
Via Amaterasu Solar You Tube (Anonymous message to humanity)

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3 comments on “Anonymous: A Call to Better

  1. The mask is ONLY Symbolic. The masks that stay on are from people putting themselves in REAL harm to try and get information out to others, others who don’t have good main stream media be it print or TV.

    Here people arrive to protest in peace with a mask on, 99% of the time everyone takes their masks off and become human.
    Look at it this way. People want change, they hate oppression, and oppression others can’t feel or know, but it’s not their fault. People are either oppressed, feel oppressed or see oppression. Oppression is just oppression

    You see the Mask and think ‘Bad. I see the mask, but I see it coming off. I could send you many articles, video’s and images of a group becoming large in ALL Cities and Countries on Earth, then once it is known the cause is ‘Anonymous the masks come off. It’s not leadership, Anonymous has no lead, no leader, no top people. It is Human expression, if I believe in the Ethos of a fairer World in fiscal or war ways, then my thinking matches that of Anonymous.

    People NEED to know and understand Anonymous as peace, not some hidden danger. Your media tell you this. So I ask, go look at images, videos of Anonymous protests in ANY city in ALL countries, the masks come off Anne xx

    Anonymous is America. It’s movement was started in America early 2000’s. It was called ‘4Chan’ and it was Students. People caught on and now 4Chan is Anonymous and it’s Global. It speaks the same message Nicola Sturgeon speaks to the USA and speaks to us every day.

    Only you can define the message, consume it’s meaning and feel what you on your own will do with it. Knowledge is power, you know this. So I am knowledge and I understand 100% the Anonymous movement is actually teachers, police, military leaders, politicians (Some tell us) The rich and poor, oppressed and feeling free, all colors all races.

    Anonymous is Global, people like me. I AM NOT ANONYMOUS…but I stand with them with my story and meaning. I show my face and so do Anonymous. Please, if you don’t research you see Anonymous as your and my media tell us, not all Media over here in Europe and further afield look at #Anon like you suggest, just suggesting is what I read from you.

    Here are a few images of masks on, then OFF! xx

    This is Russell Brand. You have seen him, he is famous here for Comedy, Movies and being political for GOOD REASONS.

    As you see in 3 images I quickly google’d, Masks come off. I ask, is that enough proof to show you the masks come off? xx Be honest. Here or in private..

    Lovz ya x


    • Anonymous, before named 4Chan started in a College a reasonable drive from your area of the World. America gave us Anonymous back in 2004 after 4Chan. The mask represents an ideology ONLY! Like I say, the masks come off. These people in #Anon are THE EXACT same as me in why I write. I can identify and see past the mask. This is 2015 so try and see the mask as a way to say to people (American’s started this) #WakeUp to your enslavement by all and any means they do it. TV/Media and sadly even God.. Anne..I know we won’t meet in the middle but I can only try same as you.. Know you are a friend and I love you x

      Anonymous Official <<<

      The #Anon message is my message…
      Simply "Knowledge is power"
      You have 2 choices…
      Watch the video when you can…
      Or keep not understanding it's message..


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