#OpDeathEaters – Savile’s Radio pal caught with hundreds of child abuse films and photographs

Hiding: Michael Willis aka Radio 1 DJ Steve Merike and his former colleague Jimmy Saville

Hiding: Michael Willis aka Radio 1 DJ Steve Merike and his former colleague Jimmy Saville

ALLEGEDLY, I SHARE. >Well well. I am not surprised, another ‘Alleged’ vile man looks like he may get away with a ticket for sex crimes against humanity and children, in whatever order you choose. I have shared this story and kept up to speed on my own and thanks to friends for knowledge. Sick, vile and we ask why Scotland want’s free from this why? Because we are better than this vile story that will not go away and probably won’t see a court in ANY land, be that land here in Europe or Jeffery Epstein and Prince Edward in the US of A (Grand old Duke of York ALLEGATIONS) <Click) So… Till the next vile story, consume this pathetic story of injustice and intolerance WE DID NOT VOTE FOR, nor do we like. We must break this cycle before it is our kids. Kids are taken in the UK TODAY!! We are not being fed this news, so we ALL have responsability to tell the story best we can without hate, we must stay calm so the story can be told in the right way, then we can show anger, but in peace, knowing jail cells in our World are full of THIS!!!! INTERACT, INTERVENE, ACTIVATE YOURSELF, BECOME ACTIVE IN YOUR WAY, ANONYMOUSLY OR WITH YOUR OWN FACE LIKE ME, no matter how you choose to digest this story, just try to digest, then maybe it ends? For now..

More love, less hate, Shauny

~~~Via: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/jimmy-saviles-radio-1-dj-5781295#ICID=sharebar_twitter ~~~

A former Radio 1 DJ who worked alongside Jimmy Savile sobbed today as he admitted hoarding ­sickening child porn.

Michael Willis, 69, shot to fame on pirate station Radio Caroline and worked at the BBC under the name of Stevie Merike in the 1970s – when disgraced Savile was also a presenter. He later presented BBC Radio 1’s ‘Pop Workshop’ and deputised for Tony Blackburn on the Breakfast Show.

Willis also hosted the 1975 TV show Pop Quest and interviewed stars including T-Rex’s Marc Bolan. He stood as a Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Loughborough in the 2010 General Election but failed to win the seat, despite securing almost 10,000 votes.

Leicester Crown Court was told he also lectured at Nottingham Trent University and was a governor at a number of schools. A raid on his home in Loughborough, Leics, turned up 500 indecent photos of children and 306 horrific films.

The pervert told police he had been researching the material after being intrigued by the Savile affair. Michael Collis, defending, blamed his offending on “what had gone on in his early years”. He also said the breakdown of Willis’ second marriage in 2007 was a “catalyst” for him downloading the images.

Recorder Simon Ward told him at Leicester crown court: “When you look at images of children being raped, you are witnessing very serious sexual crimes.” Willis was given a nine-month suspended prison sentence. was also banned from using any internet device where its web history is not retained. If he is found to have deleted his history, he could be jailed for five years.

~~End STORY~~ For now…………

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