Amandla Awethu – South Africa – Human Roots – Solidarity – And why Scotland MUST CONNECT TO THIS!!




DON’T KILL ME ON THE BLOGS TITLE, DEBATE IT’S CONTENT PLEASE, WITH LOVE AND RESPECT, PLEASE!! > To define a free Scotland in an oppressed World we must understand our History Scotland, World History. We must gather examples of our struggle for freedom from other people; ‘A People. From South Africa/Africa to Ferguson to Syria and Palestine and all over the World people are awakening but are still oppressed in a bad way or a deathly way and Scotland are at the front of the awakened queue. Yeah Brothers and Sisters, Scotland is leading a feeling and motion and a god given right (God in the right context, below you will understand) to speak, be heard, feed each other, dress the poor, home the homeless and also cry and share #Solidarity that exists from a very good man in Tommy Sheridan and his party to Nelson Mandela. WHY? Because Tommy and Nelson are one in the same. The SNP need to change a few very small in detail laws to try and appease everyone, it is possible, why do I know and say this? Look back in History, turn around Scotland and use the wisdom of our World elders and the power and energy of our World’s youth who want to speak, eat, feel, live. Scotland we may not be Palestine but ‘Same tree, different branch’ analogy here ok. We are not being killed and starved to death and flooded and having our Electricity cut.. BUT HOLD ON. Is this correct???? Are all Scot’s EATING? Do all Scot’s have a HOME? Are our rivers and oils OURS?

Common, John Legend – Glory
Via CommonVEVO on You Tube

Think about our struggle to free ourselves from an evil union that exists should you see it and accept it. Do not throw anger at it, smile back at it knowing WE WILL ONE DAY, FOR THE RIGHT REASONS, OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS REASONS…FREE OURSELVES, IT IS A MATTER OF TIME AND TIMING. We must connect to the GLOBAL FREEDOM MOVEMENT to understand why we want to be free and how we become free and then we figure out how we co-exist in a World when we are ONLY Scotland and NOT Northern Britain. Now I want to share a song, I BEG YOU WATCH. UB40 – Sing our own song. Now if you are thinking “Shaun give it a rest” then please close the page, if I have however captured your attention I PLEAD WITH YOU FOR MY KIDS FUTURES AND YOURS to listen to this quick song of #Solidarity with expressions of freedom and how we go about it… Here is the song… Then I will quickly point out the lyrics, this is the song and lyrics, they are VERY POWERFUL AND PEACEFUL! Enjoy my  Scottish brothers and sisters….REMEMBER NOW! No hate at this dining table, we fight with love.

 UB40 – Sing Our Own Song (with Lyrics) Close advert for lyrics!
VIDEO UltimateTobi THANKS TO On You Tube

Way back in South African culture we MUST know and recognize as their struggle to understand and fix our own World, Scotland’s World, you and I for our kids, disabled, poor, hungry, homeless OR WE HAVE WASTED THE LAST FEW YEARS ON ARGUING AND NOT ACTING. I had an epiphany whilst coming off my medication to get new medication for my newly and amazing M.E I have (No disrespect, I have it, it’s my journey, I respect the illness and you who has it or worse) The medication I was on was Heroin x 1,000 via my lovely Dr’s. Speak to a Dr always please, I forget, and forget my reason for my epiphany, the same one a young Alex Salmond dared to dream many years ago! ‘Same tree, different branch, he seen it years, decades before us, one day a statue will be cared for all our Kin to see of this man, he is our Dr King, our Mandela. Make no mistake, something starts somewhere. Nothing is perfect, South Africa is not perfect, BUT IT’S BETTER.

The lyrics below offend me but lift me all the same. The line “We will no longer hear your command – We will sieze the control from your hand – We will fan the flame – Of our anger and pain – And you’ll feel the shame – For what you do in gods name” are maybe the most powerful words a person like you and I sat and wrote then performed for the very same reasons Scotland wants free. A Free thinker writes music, makes moves, paints, writes, blogs, shares, loves and cares.

Scotland, I know many of us have our own boards, pages, blogs, Facebook groups and all that Social Media, sadly and I do see this and it is sad many who want a free Scotland tell other Scottish people who want to be free to #SHUT #UP How dare they?! If we want to be a FREE SCOTLAND WE MUST….Be free thinkers…allow freedom of expression…allow ourselves to understand hate and not throw hate back at hate. If we can’t do this Scotland we may as well all close our Social Media #FreeScotland boxes and go and be slaves to an #ALLEGED Evil London, Royal Establishment.

We must come together or we won’t be be free EVER. We can’t be a laughing stock, we are not that but we must be careful we don’t become. We must WAIT. As I have said before ONLY 50% Today voted SNP in Scotland. As Scotland is Yellow it is illusion for now, in this moment. Scotland do have enough votes to be free? We need more than 50% <Click) So, decide what free Scotland we want and allow freedom of information to flow and connect. OR WE WILL FALL….

I pray for a day we are free. Amandla Awethu mentioned in the song above and the lyrics below. Feel that power and don’t tell me it doesn’t feel the same..

Love, Light, Hope over Fear, Respect, Solidarity and all that we THINK OR KNOW we want. 

More love, less hate. 

Respect.. Shauny. x

The great flood of tears that we’ve cried
For our brothers and sisters who’ve died
Over four hundred years
Has washed away our fears
And strengthened our pride
Now we turn back the tide

We will no longer hear your command
We will sieze the control from your hand
We will fan the flame
Of our anger and pain
And you’ll feel the shame
For what you do in gods name

We will fight for the right to be free
We will build our own society
And we will sing, we will sing
We will sing our own song

When the ancient drum rhythms ring
The voice of our forefathers sings
Forward Africa run
Our day of freedom has come
For me and for you
Amandla Awethu

We will fight for the right to be free
We will build our own society
And we will sing, we will sing
We will sing our own song

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