UNREAL Short Video Represent’s My Will – Your Will? – Be Honest? – Are We All The ‘7 Sins?


Pondering his life, same as us all, be it in fun or fear or crying, does it matter?


Tyler Ward can express – Can we? you or I?

While I was reading, doing what we do on-line I was messing around with my You Tube music playlist and THIS blog happened. This small advert before the song that was up next happened. Usually I hit the “Skip to song” but this advert or amazing (You will see) audible message with images I watched 1st, my jaw dropped, I asked Tyler if I could share “Not a problem” was the answer, so here I share what I see in myself.

Now PLEASE, keep in mind this video I never made, it is expression, a God given right to express and be by another person, a person like me and others I know, you must ask simply “Is it another person like me” See I am going through life change and IT’S AMAZING. I speak to family and friends I never lost and we have fun with me asking “What is this” or “Where are these feelings coming from” The answers vary from family to friend and all in-between. The message get in the en from them all was/is simple “Shaun, you are growing up, growing old and awakening to a life we see” Some of them were or are ignorance, self absorbed people and some changed, but I say that with no hate because I was that person, I am just thankful it is happening to me age 41 and not aged 91 when I couldn’t really stand up, act, activate myself to the Human Spirit or write but old people DO LIVE 😀 they talk and share, so if you are 91, please, no disrespect ok x. I also have the ability to close the Internet down and go live MY DREAMS, THROUGH MY THOUGHTS AND WHAT I LEARNT. You will do it your way and I mine. #RespectThis #IDoYou Now what you make of this video? It spoke for me and blew me away to hell and back

Fight Maximum Ride Forever A short film by Tyler Ward inspired by James Patterson
Video Via Tyler Ward Music Via on You Tube

Why as a species do we bang heads? 😀 Are we just a bunch of fools? Are we just angry 😦 Or is it just life? or is it, ‘what it is? For me I don’t like “It is what it is” Just me, others will have opinions here. I am grateful and so lucky to be able to reach so many people I spend doing what you read here. It can take an hour for me to do this due to hand and wrist pain, I must say this to connect to the people who can connect to why I said it and others for other empathy reason via this video, just an example. Don’t be angry I mention my selfish pain, just walk past the statement and focus on the message of this Video or entire blog or whatever you call it, or close it, that is your right to close the page, as it’s my right to open a page and write this nonsense 😀


We all have a life, we all are different, some are happy and some are sad. I have been all emotions in all places, but so have you! We are the same. Am I reaching out to 1 person or 10,000 here? Well only others can tell me that story in an individual manner, but I see daily traffic through the hidden statistics all Bloggers look at to see who we connect too and why. I am a VERY DEEP thinker, but for every person who tells me “Shaun you think too deeply, go forth and multiply” 100 people connect to my world to my words and I them (Check the article below this from my mate Ed from the USA) Many see people talking on-line as a crime in the sense of “Look at them they only have on-line friends” I ask again, ‘Who loses sleep or shows emotion at that’? I can only say sad people, sad in the way they are just sad, life has stood on them, they are down, people may or may not be helping them up, they may want help or not but don’t want it through their will of choice or other reasons. All I can say for me is, when I fall I feel a force behind me picking me up, that force is real, non-internet friends and online friends. Why struggle? Why deny? why waste energy on resisting love or just to be happy? In the end we are all dust in the end, this is a fact right? 😀 Not morbid, it’s a fact. Comedian’s on TV on stage say this and we laugh, so why is it a crime to say when we say it on these platforms? Follow? 🙂 Silly is it not?


This video here is a lad like me, the lad in the image above doing as I do, should we define him badly? Ask, just ask yourself that question then go look in the mirror. I say that with compassion and love ONLY. I love you all who love back. I will kill you if you annoy or harm my loved ones 🙂 That is just SHAUN….Who are you? This video above ‘may help you, please watch and don’t struggle with emotion, or of course don’t watch it and deny it, that is your right, I accept, so accept back not just to me but each other, for the love of God, why do we make life a struggle and hard 😀 I don’t get it any more. But like you, it’s a learning journey we consume knowledge while being Dad, lover, son, brother, sister and friend, same as you do, STOP DENYING EACH OTHER THIS, THEN LIFE, OUR WORLD IMPROVES! Even if it just improves our life, I know mine is good, not better, just good. But I got here through hard times, who didn’t it’s the circle of life, that was a song ♫ Circle of Life ♪ But I am just sharing the World to 1st myself, if others look at me and read me, GREAT! If not I learn and it helps my kids and anyone else who want’s to get drunk and do helicopter’s with body part and have fun 😀 

This is all I can do TO help you and help myself. Be you a family member or a friend or stranger from Australia to Hong Kong from Europe, South Africa, Africa or the Americas including the USA and Canada, yeah someone or just I has blessed me with a reader base who made a connection. I write in 12? places I think, so when I hit publish here it hits Ace News, Tumbler, Google+ and more, all other links are at the bottom as always, including my stupid on-line Newspaper. That pleasure is mine. Don’t deny me that as I won’t deny your right to watch the video (or if you have done so already) or read my words as I would your words, and please, for the love of God don’t become the 7 Deadly sins <Click) on me, and in a non-Religious way, just for me ok! Especially number 2 on the list I shared there  🙂 x I BEG!

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Maker of this, signature is bottom right, as you will


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