Scottish football deserves more from the BBC, says SNP


The Scottish game deserves and should get 10x the current £1m a season say experts

ABOUT TIME! I won’t hold my breath on this one. The BCC pay Scottish football £1M a year to show the SPFL. Now I have to say this, I did this article here Why The SNP Must Change This Uneven, Religious Singing <Click) Now let me be perfectly honest and put my hands in the air, the article was intended well, I had the right road, sadly it was taken 50/50 as half liked and agreed and half across Social Media in all platforms threw hate at me. All I can say is people perhaps leaning towards their football club, like I STUPIDLY done were thinking “My Team” or “To hell with the Glasgow 2” I am a Celtic fan but I don’t do the hate. Sure I can say ‘Sevco’ but I am a Celtic fan in MANY who say “We probably do need The Rangers, new or old back in the top league” I know a ton of fans Celtic, Hearts, Hibs and more who say the same. I got hate, did I deserve it? Maybe! Does it matter? Not really, who loses sleep over that blog or it’s issues. Look again at the percentages and it add’s up to what I was trying to say. Please understand I am a football man, played age 8 till 23 ish when I got my left leg snapped into an L shape then I went and educated myself on being a coach, so for 90% of my life I was involved in football, I still am, I give advice to friends and write for TCN 

This issue here I am delighted to see. Now the Beeb I dislike giving ANY column or  airtime to, they are almost Anti-Scottish if you look back to #IndyRef last September 2014. One article to kinda prove our, my point, just the Beeb’s misdoing’s was by comedian Kevin Bridges, here it is here. Kevin Bridges admits to BBC lies, 100% <Click)  And others were coming forward telling the same Story of “We were told to not mention anything Referendum. Many asked Kevin why he never spoke about the Referendum and if you read above he says simply “We were told not to do so at the last minutes”

So to the story. The English game gets £68million for English Premier League JUST for a Saturday nights Highlights package, don’t get me started on the SKY TV Deal. Again when you put all the %’s together with money given by Scot’s to the Beeb and Sky TV it does not add up. So it’s good the SNP are challenging this in Westminster. Can they change it? The current deal has a year or so do go, and experts have done the math at £10M should be the fee for Scottish Football highlights on a Sunday night. The obscene amount the English game gets allows teams like Hull to give £50,000 a week to a player who worth maybe £10,000 a week in Scotland, the imbalance from the Beeb in all things Scotland is awful and I am glad the SNP are pressing these buttons.

Many say “Football has nothing to do with Politics and the SNP” or whatever, I did my article on the song book and got abuse, this one I am feelings people will agree. Football is Scotland’s pass-time. I know some will say “Not mine” but in reality Scotland is Football first and last and it’s our passion here, that’s a statistical fact. The issue is people don’t have money to go to games all the time and also there are more people in London than there are in Scotland, so right away Scotland just has low numbers in fan base. Saying that some teams who get 10,000 at home every other week CAN and DO get 25,000+ to Cup Finals, where to these fans go when there is no Trophies to win?

What are your thoughts on this? For me the Scottish game should get it’s percentage the same as the English game from the BEEB and Sky TV. For now it’s the BEEB but do expect the SNP to ask Sky Sports the same question. We are undervalued because of lacking in fiscal happenings. Saying that because there is no money good young Scottish players have came through, so there is the old argument of “Why pay £5M for Johnny Foreigner when we can train our Scottish kids better” And being an Ex-Football manager myself I see how badly even ex Pro-Players coach.

Sam Stanton #Allegedly was bullied and abused by fans, this kid can be a SENSATION. Money or not, this is not cool coaching nor Fan help

Sam Stanton #Allegedly was bullied and abused by fans, this kid can be a SENSATION. Money or not, this is not cool coaching nor Fan help

I was involved with many ex-players all the way through my coaching courses all over Scotland and also seen my own son’s and my teams when I invited ex Pro players deliver the most AWFUL TRAINING methods to 10 year old kids to 15 year old kids. Many just go through the motions, there is no “Why are you doing this training” or “Why have I asked you to run there or get into space in a different place” So for me the coaching can be better. No names but some ex Pro players coaching kids are so bad it’s untrue. I am not the best, I got to East of Scotland level with Civil Service Strollers, amazing club, very briefly before my disability stopped me due to pain and medication, I was like 34 years old. In my 15 years I helped and was involved in 19 trophies being won, not me, the team! We must coach players to understand why we ask them to do training drills, sadly we lack. So with no money to spend and bad coaching maybe £10M a year for starters just from the BEEB can help better coaching and help teams get better players.

Talk it away………

This was 1 tweet at the time

This was 1 tweet at the time

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The SNP has today demanded that the BBC puts more money into television rights for Scottish football following conformation that the corporation has short-changed the game north of the border. The BBC is paying only £1million a year for Scottish highlights — compared to £68million for English Premier League rights. Given that about 10 per cent of the licence-fee revenue comes from Scotland it stands to reason that clubs in Scotland deserve a better deal in return. Commenting, James Dornan, the SNP MSP for Glasgow Cathcart <Click) which covers Hampden Park, said:

“The future of Scottish football is very important, and our domestic game needs a proportionate share of money in order to help build for the future.“It is only right that if audiences in Scotland are helping to fund these major financial broadcasting rights packages, our game here is given proportional investment back.“A football accountancy expert has argued that Scottish football is worth ten times more than the rights secured – unless the issue of Scottish football clubs being short-changed is addressed, then our clubs will have their prospects undermined.“I am calling on the football governing bodies to do all they can to address this, and to continue to ensure that young people are inspired to play the beautiful game.”

Another £9 Million and our game improves, we pay the fee's!

Another £9 Million and our game improves, we pay the fee’s!

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