Marriage…My Two Cents…

Simply, well said EAddie. People should be allowed to marry, be it man/man (Yes it makes me uneasy, but it’s a human man thought, my best mate is Gay) and woman/woman (I can cope, I am man, thus I think such evil 😀 ) Joking aside Eddie you are spot on. We must allow people the right to do and be, as long as they harm no other person…well said bro

Just Us Owls

Up until yesterday’s Supreme Court decision NO ONE had the Constitutional Right to Marry! This decision shall it stand the three week period where it can be re-argued has guaranteed the right to Marry for Both Straight and Gay! Show me prior to this ruling where in our Constitution that anyone had the right to marry.

We all have our opinions on this hot button issue, and yes I am a Christian and a man of God, however as a Red Blooded American I can now say Bravo to the justices for saying that all persons can be equally miserable I mean happy in marriage.

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