30% of Heroin Addicts in UK Started in a Dr’s Office – Moral Debate?

soapboxmedical-amnesty-quoteI am not having a go at Dr’s here, I am suggesting things, real issues that effect real people like you or people you know and all in-between. Now before you start I am not talking about just me here, I am explaining an issue a very taboo issue that really needs addressed. Before I do so I DO UNDERSTAND that some or many people must take their medication, life or death, I get that. So for people like me, and please trust me, through this group I run for people with all sorts of Chronic Illness’s I have seen and heard what I have felt and done, it is very hard to read a person knowing they can feel what I felt but more important for us all, what our Partners or Family we live with go through or Family who heard ‘Fibro’  and think ‘Liar’ simply and I don’t blame them for thinking I was a liar, I had not heard of #Fibro myself till the Dr told me and it ruined my mind and body, I will get to that point 😀 It’s ok! I have M.E <Click) Thank God! I thought I was dying!! 😀 Once I said ‘I have M.E people knew that word’ then sadly people said sorry, I wish the wouldn’t say sorry, then some added me back to the family via reality or here on Social Media outlets, I am happy for that but WE don’t want a sorry Also it’s not easy for our Partners, so this is a huge motive for me to write pain or illness in a new way without self loathing myself to more pain. Also it helped my Partner understand the Dr’s Poison in my system but also the pain I am in and will remain in as my Partner was reading from others Worldwide saying what she was seeing, it opened her eyes more through others words, people just as confused as the Pain Specialists as to why we are in pain, all over body toothache pain 😀 Trust me, you don’t want this. Joking aside and sadly, many have found this pain we are all in too much and committed suicide. Now go research yourself, I can’t do it all right? lol

The International Space Station.

The International Space Station. Where I lived for around 10 years…I am told 😀


When the CDC say this, we listen!!

Big deal I have M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) I don’t want your or anyone’s sympathy I do ask however you don’t judge. The group: Fibromyalgia and other Chronic Pain Issues <Click)  This is a group I made for myself of course but also for all the people I connected with through this very page who were suffering the same. We sufferer’s don’t take pain and say “My pain is worse than your’s” because that is impossible. When I used to ‘Self Absorb myself into pity and stupid’ Please know that old version of me was on Heroin and worse, prescribed by a Dr 12 years ago and then here 5 years ago when we moved home to accommodate my illness. In truth is moving house backfired SPECTACULARLY! although I do love where I live, it’s got a ‘Middle of nowhere’ feel about it. But that is a story my Partner and all who live under my roof, my two daughters 4 and 6 years old aside I say “Daddy has a sore leg” have and are and will keep dealing with, while we smile have fun and love 🙂 I know people who had work and owned companies and family, big house, big family who are now alone because one day a Dr put then on Pain Medication, SO DO YOU!

So 30% of people who are now Heroin addicts got Dr’s Drugs first and then their body needed more, I know this, right this second now I am off the hard medication my body screams for Heroin, Dr’s Heroin, but I resist. Hashish SHOULD be used to treat these Chronic Illness’s, they do in other parts of the World. When the clinical trials begin in Scotland with Hashish in tablet or oil form, I don’t know, I will be one of the Lab Rats. So I guess in the UK and I am guessing these percentages are higher or lower in the USA to Australia and all in-between. When I broke my knee aged 23 or so it hurt like buggery and it was hard. I was a Baker in Safeway at the time, now Morrisons on Ferry Road here in Edinburgh. The Dr put me on Dihydrocodeine and Diazepam on very small levels. A month ago I was on…opiates that are the same family as Codeine, Methadone and Heroin. I was not on them, I was on WORSE, Dr’s Heroin. I won’t and never will bring any Dr’s moral’s into question, I could have researched and said ‘No, but I was screaming in pain, so I ended up on all this $h1t, because that is what it is!

4 x 50MG Dihydrocodeine <Click) a day, 4 times a day = 800MG a day of Dihydrocodeine – Street name ‘DF’s

2 x 10MG Diazepam <Click) a day, 4 times a day = 80MG a day of Diazapam – Street name ‘Valium or Vallies – Staying on these at low levels

THEN 8 Years ago this was added

4 x 50MG Tramadol <Click) a day, 4 times a day = 800MG day of Tramadol – Street name ‘The Doll ‘Trams ‘Rag Dolled 

20 x ML Morphine 4 times daily = 80ML (Almost a full bottle) a day – Street name ‘Dreamer ‘Miss Emma or ‘Morf

2 x 50MG Amitriptyline <Click) = 100MG a night – Street name ‘ Roxies, Vikes – Staying on these

It can and does start with a Medical specialist

It can and does start with a Medical specialist

All this does is produce feelings of warmth and well-being, relaxation and sleepiness, but then is changes and cause’s fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, nausea and retching, diarrhoea, and dizziness or fainting. Worsen side-effects and risks when used with certain antidepressants that tend to increase serotonin levels. I stupidly about 3 weeks ago came off ‘Cold Turkey, right away, the lot, goodbye! I was in Hospital at 4AM after 4 days of this non medicated version of myself as my body was shutting down on me. The levels above, if you have a brain and can equate this to what they do to the mind and body will tell you Heroin x 100. I was told in Hospital, as they poured Opiate’s down my throat so my body could breath again “Shaun do you understand what you did was very serious? Another day and you could have had a heart attack or Brain aneurysm” At that point I don’t know what facial expressions I was showing but I imagine them to be like being told “You are Dead” I got a scare, I will be the first to say I then proceeded to cry. I had nearly lost myself but my thoughts came back home to my Partner and 4 kids, parents, little sister, brothers and bigger sister and friends. What would they have went through had I left going to the Hospital another day? Had I done that I was dead or close. I remember arguing with the Medical NHS24 <Click) person and telling them “Look I am ok to drive” as I was, I made it, I had to drive 3 mile, took me 5 minutes. 


Sorry – ha ha ha ha

So I beg! If you have a Chronic Illness that required ONLY pain killers, please speak to your Dr about long term effects. After a few years they stop working, the pain comes back 80% and the drugs become an addiction you are oblivious to and the damage it does to your mind and body. I was on I think 8 supplements, herbal natural remedies to counter the damage that was being done to my insides, I won’t go into detail, if you are clever you understand 😀 So again, please don’t take my advice as the truth, GO AND SEE YOUR Dr always!! It was a journey that led me to where I am today. Amazing house, area to live in, 4 kids, 2 little girls that just make it all helpful and worthwhile, they make me smile when I can’t and the activities like drawing, painting, puzzles actually help me change my brain pattern’s and mood so these two wee girls have almost saved my life and don’t know 😀 Maybe when they are older I will explain it to them with a glass of JUICE!!!!! But for now ‘Daddy has a sore knee’ I wear knee braces anyway so they believe it, but that day will come. My 2 sons are good with me and helpful. My partner, well….I am lost for words. She showed me a love I had no idea existed between 2 people when I was 14 or 15. She then hung about through all this above and now, today, she laughs at me. She will say “How you today limpy” and laugh then cuddle me and give me a kiss” as I learn to laugh back. She is something, I am blessed to have her. Family and friends, yeah some walked away but others stayed put, they knew a person with #Fibro. Here I mock nobody bar myself, please don’t use my words against me as people do

Life is so very easy and fun, I see it now, too much actually because I can see unhappy people and that ain’t cool to see. I am hyper in agony now but I can live with that, it’s fecking hard but I have 2 choices, I choose life, I choose a lot of things. Love is one, music, laughter, sick jokes with my mates people on Social Media won’t get 😀 But I choose…I am in control..so life is easier though agony, I choose…I am from Edinburgh right? So I had to end all this, with this 😉 Thanks for listening, I hope I helped one person, if that person was me? Good!

More love, less hate… Shauny 😀 Now I have said this, told this I won’t EVER again!!! So don’t ask! I will help, just don’t go THERE!! Anyway.. I choose… 

[VIDEO] Trainspotting Choose Life with words

The information and %’s are in this large PDF file should you wish to read it: http://www.srbi.com/CorporateSite/files/b4/b4149818-74e9-4cd4-bebb-57ed1e66848d.pdf

Dr's read from a book and prescribe the issues you present or they see themselves

Dr’s read from a book and prescribe the issues you present or they see themselves

Could there be more malevolent reasons MANY of us are Dr's Junkies?

Could there be more malevolent reasons MANY of us are Dr’s Junkies?

Tramadol bad issues: http://www.theguardian.com/science/2013/jul/22/tramadol-painkiller-ban-sale-considered

Morphine issues: http://www.pamf.org/teen/risk/drugs/narcotics/morphine.html

Diazepam issues: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2289311/Valium-Its-addictive-heroin-horrifying-effects-given-millions.html

Dihydrocodeine issues: http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads/653646-How-harmful-Is-Dihydrocodeine


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


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6 comments on “30% of Heroin Addicts in UK Started in a Dr’s Office – Moral Debate?

  1. Great piece Shaun! So glad you have been weaned off them, what’s meant to help us sometimes makes us worse eh! I only realised Co-Codamol was addictive a few years back, been on them since 2001 and a few years back I had the winter vomiting bug, for 4 days I didn’t take any meds, my Co-codamol and my Gabapentin. I was in pain that was indescribable, far worse than my bone/musicle pain and it was then I found out how addictive my meds were, I’d went cold turkey from co-codamol and for 4 days it was more likely the withdrawal of it, me not taking it for that time along with my chronic pain without meds.I can’t even begin to imagine your concoction of addictive meds and coming off them. Though you are still in a lot of pain you will see the difference of a clear head now eh!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah Elaine I do have a clear head for sure. My body is fighting my mind HARD as it screams for ‘Opiates. I have to resist and feed it minute amounts. I will get there, we all do.
      Thank you for sharing and caring hon…x

      If you are not here..Please.. Be my guest..
      If you are there, sorry 😀


      I started this, it’s a small group where people can vent, talk you know the story.
      It helps me it helps others. Join and read or join and help or need help..

      Please know I thank you.. x
      Shauny x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve joined already Shaun and its been a comfort being amongst folk that understand. I’ve been switched to Lyrica and reduced my Gabapentin to one a day and it seems to be helping more than Gabapentin had in a long time so by next week I’ll be off Gabapentin for good. I think new meds only help for a short period then they stop working to be honest but I’ll enjoy having reduced pain while it lasts. Keep positive Shaun! :)x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gabapentin made me feel like I was on LSD…Took me 2 Months to work up to 3,600MG a day…24 Tablets…Then the same time to come off as it’s a brain drug..It works for some, not others.. I am coming off ALL meds slowly but quickly (I know what I mean 😀 )…And it’s good yeah to know we ain’t alone… x


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