#Decisions – Letter to ‘All Addicts’ – Drugs/Drink/Gambling & more

Pen.jpeg As I have this page ShaunyNews and all these other outlets I guess I better type something before I have to pay money back. Had a real good few weeks, re-connected in fun with family and friends, all good. It has been 2 months almost to the day I said “Enough of my addiction” I wrote about it here Fibromyalgia – I have had enough, it ends here for me <Click) When I read that back I see a guy lost at sea alone, but that was good, reality had sunk it that if I didn’t change I was going make life hard for all the people I love, so, that article above is the same as anyone readying themselves for perhaps “MAKING THAT DECISION” Decisions can be all of the issues below and many more

1.    A woman ready walk away from an abusive partner, but can’t through fear

2.    An alcoholic wasting their families money, rent, Christmas money on alcohol

3.    A person alone and sad thinking “I need to get out and live” but often can’t

4.    Any person at odds with life, be it life, God or conscious thinking

5.    A heroin addict whose family has had a funeral for them while they breath

6.    A Person, 30% of Heroin addicts <Click) who had a life and had that funeral also. Lost it at the Dr’s office

7.    A person too old, and comfortable, to walk away from being unhappy, so they remain

8.    A kid leaving School with “What will I become” choice to make, a life decision us Elders help with

9.    A person who is shy, gossips, cares what the neighbours think, unable to understand nor notice why they do this

10. A person in love about to sexually cheat on their love, to a gay, lesbian, transgender or Bi-sexual who can’t open the closet door.

All these are ‘Decisions. All above we either felt or had to carry or carry for another. When all is said and done we make decisions, some right some wrong. The only ‘what I can take from all this is, I am aware I make decisions that will make others feel or good or bad. Every day every one of must decide, we must make the choice or die trying, because at the end of the day, as many good ‘Comedians have said ‘We end in a box regardless, so I say make your choices and smile while doing so. I have a friend, their name begins with ‘J and they were number 1. Unhappy and a ‘Decision away from a new life or another 30 years of what they just lived, what did they decide?

download (1)


In this moment I am sorry I must be selfish and talk about my own ‘Decisions quickly. Self loathing I have grown to dislike. I made a ‘Decision a few Months ago privately with my Dr to ‘Decide to come off medication. So here I am 6 good weeks in, hospital trip when I came off too quick aside I am doing ok. The decision I made was for me but also for my future and the future of all those who call me Son, Brother, Lover, Dad, Daddy or friend and any other definition

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6, 7

imagesThe last 5 days or so I have the bad withdrawal feelings. I have awoken wide awake hallucinating ‘HELL. I have awoken, wide awake hallucinating ‘HELL. I can’t move, yeah twice. The ‘Feelings of Dr Heroin need are grabbing my mind today, the real fight has begun. If I want to walk both my daughters down the aisle never mind see my boys get married, I have to stand by my decision. Do not dare give me sympathy, I willingly took Dr’s Heroin, had I chosen with hindsight, I would have chosen different. Decision is pride, love, lust, hate, envy, gluttony and you get the drift, choose well! download Ask yourself one question dear reader, have you always chosen wisely? Are you perfect? If you thought yes, sadly you are in for a shock and you need to make better decisions. Life hurts if we allow it be we disabled, depressed, lost, sad or we just have to make that ‘Decision

 Do you have ‘Decision to make dear reader? x

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