‘Survived being stabbed 21 times’ – An Amazing True Story From an Amazing Friend




I am about to buy this book from a friend from the USA, I know a little of Becki’s story. Please give it consideration. An amazing woman who came back from 21 stabbings! That is a story I can’t wait to read. You should too. She is amazing and her courage through knowing her story gave me strength over the last two years as we became friends, she was on the Oprah Winfrey show, I will post this when her Author gives permission. She is a remarkable lady, she is with an ex Basketball player today, an AMAZING guy, sadly he didn’t make the amount’s sportsmen do today when he played, and he is a friend of mine also, really cool guy, Dawn my partner and Becki speak too, good friendship for sure. What Becki went through I know 80% and I want to read the other 20%. To family who I know read. PLEASE GIVE THIS A READ. It is like $3 only. You will not be disappointed. Becki will now, soon, help me finish my book. So I ask please, give Becki’s amazing story, fightback and how she is now just an amazing fun person and all in-between a read, if you read books, if you have had a similar experience, know there are better days, this book will show you this. Becki is very down to earth and honest, the full package when it comes to #Friends. This is no sales pitch, this is a true story many women will have been through and many guys seen. When we connect in life, this happens. I will leave you with Becki’s words. Please, give it a read guys 🙂

You can purchase here: http://www.amazon.com/Survived-Murder-Attack-Family-Didnt-ebook/dp/B01136RP1Q/ $3.10!! = Below £2! Please I ask you as friends to enjoy a re-birth and see how the rebirth happened. It’s an ASTONISHING story. A true story! One I will share via Becki on TV very soon. The name of the book “I was stabbed, I survived, but my Family didn’t survive” is one I can very easily walk into and feel. But smile now knowing it’s all good. But for EVERY WOMAN who has been through bad places and bad people, this book is for you. Guys also, if you can’t get with your girl then understand them better through Becki, I know it will help others, Becki wrote this to help others, it’s why it’s so cheap!!! Please give it a read

More love, less hate, Shauny

Becki Quotes in her book:

I Survived A Murder Attack My Family Didn’t

A true story of survival from childhood violent beatings, victimization; rape and a murderous attack are not what nearly killed Becki. It was the destruction of her family that those events triggered. This memoir of Becki Duckworth, murder survivor talks about her experiences and offers support. While surviving abuse, abandonment, homelessness, poverty, she helps others escape child abuse and domestic violence. 
On this long road to recovery, through telling her story, Becki hopes to clear all the secrets in her past, taking away their power to hurt her and the ones she loves. She also hopes that reading her story will help other women to see that no matter what circumstances you come from, not matter what abuse and violence find you, and no matter what your age, you can have a loving partner, build a successful career, and share a beautiful life with those you love. You can achieve whatever it is you want in life when you come through it swinging.


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7 comments on “‘Survived being stabbed 21 times’ – An Amazing True Story From an Amazing Friend

  1. Thank you Shaun, I made the Shauny News !!!! How awesome is that. Over the past couple years you have become such a great friend, and one of my biggest supporters. Without you there were days I just couldn’t carry on. Those moments of complete despair, and the emotional suffocating from tye floods of memories of abuse , you and Dawn were there for me. Your beautiful little princess’s made me smile. Many a day I re-visited the photo’s of your mums wedding, just to smile. Your little angels in their white dresses always cheered me up. A family full of happiness. Something I never experienced. The love and unconditional support your family has gives me hope. Forever I am a better person for knowing you and Dawn. Again my deepest appreciation for you sharing my story on your blog. XOXO

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    • WOW…Thank you Becki, kinda touched the old ”Full-sized aortic pump’ (Heart, 😀 ) Becki, friendship and trust go both ways. You helped Dawn and I out also. We have the same 2nd name 😉 I think you are the female version of me. And you would make ShaunyNews any day 😀 You are an amazing friend..lol x

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