USA Stock Exchange Shuts Down -AS- United Airlines Flights Grounded


United Airlines stop, then Wall Street – ‘Black Ops in the USA?

**EDIT** – Both I believe started up again, Wall Street and United Airlines. Although news of an issue in New York and DC Subway stations. Looking into it now. 

I can’t say these 2 are linked but I have warned the World the USA is falling hard. Should you be American or just a Human elsewhere on Earth you have 2 choices, read and research and learn or turn around, whistle and pretend all is well. A Black Op’s IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN IN THE USA. This is a Black Ops definition, they are VERY REAL: Below I connected the dots over 2 years. I tried to warn, now it’s too late AMERICA! You are about to fall, Greece is rich compared to the USA in the coming weeks and months. I am truly sorry 😦 I tried, millions, 10’s of millions of us tried! I made a vow to stop writing about the USA’s problems as Scotland has our own, but I think all I wrote below and there is a LOT more if you look at the bottom of each page and search top right for any given issue you think for the USA. The Dollar is imminently, slowly collapsing and nobody can do a thing. More worrying is the 30% or so US Land owned by China through American’s getting good Mortgages through American sounding banks that are Chinese owned! 7th link down below

Military Shrinking: US Army to Cut ‘40,000 Troops’ Over The Next Two Years (WHY)
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~~Story Via: ~~

A computer system glitch left thousands of United Airlines passengers across the globe grounded Wednesday, causing a ripple effect of heavy delays throughout major airports. About 3,500 flights were affected and the airline sought to recover after the ground stop was lifted. Aviation experts said that delays of even 90 minutes could have a snowball effect triggering flight delays at each late flight’s destination.

“Its going to not only affect flights in air but all flights on the ground,” Anthony Roman, a former pilot and president of Roman & Associates, a private investigation and risk-management consultancy told MSNBC. “They have flights in gates that should be occupied by another flight.” The delays could reach 235 domestic and 138 international destinations.


 A trader talks on a phone at the New York Stock Exchange after trading was halted

A trader talks on a phone at the New York Stock Exchange after trading was halted

~~Story Via: ~~

The exchange has been closed for more than an hour and a half now, since 11.32am. The longer it goes the more traders emerge to smoke, notes my colleague Jana Kasperkevic – but the traders are pretty insouciant about the break, at least so far.

At about 1 pm – an hour and a half after the trading halted at 11.32am, one of the traders walked over to the barricades. He had been standing a few feet away in the comfortable shade of the building he works at. After a reporter beckoned him, he strolled over and other reporters flocked to him.

“What? Do you want my autograph now?” he asked. “I can’t comment,” he said.

When asked if the trading being halted for more than hour and a half, he smiled: “What’s scary is you asking me all these questions.”


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