Mundell criticised for refusing to say what he knew of ‘Frenchgate’ memo

What has he to hide?

What has he to hide?

Poor form but not surprised at all here. Carmichael will stand down but not till he takes every last penny he is due or thinks he is due. I have family on an Island Alistair commands and I am told he has lost his votes, the petition below in the 2nd link is still live and active. He can’t escape this nor will this story just stop. We must keep applying pressure on this story as the Herald Scotland have done here because if we don’t the story ends and people get money they don’t deserve. If you want a free and democratic Scotland then sign the Petition <Click) That is the petition there friends. The petition sits at 13,064 supporters so lets get it signed if you feel it needs signed. As for Mundell, he is not the story, he is a Tory, his back is covered. Do the right thing Scotland!

..Pants on fire?

..Pants on fire?

Alistair Carmichael hires lawyer for battle with constituents – As he takes money before standing down <Click)

Protesters vow to keep going until Carmichael goes – Petition here <Click)

~~~Story Via: Herald Scotland~~~

Herald Scotland

THE Tory Scottish Secretary has been dragged into the continuing row over the ‘Frenchgate’ memo after ducking direct parliamentary questions about his own knowledge of it.

David Mundell refused to say when he first saw or became aware of the memo, which wrongly suggested Nicola Sturgeon wanted David Cameron to remain Prime Minister. Written by a Scotland Office official in March after a meeting between Sturgeon and French Ambassador Sylvie Bermann, the memo was leaked to damage the SNP during the election.

Despite denials, the then LibDem Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael and his special adviser Euan Roddin were later identified as the culprits. Four of Carmichael’s constituents are now pursuing legal action to have his election as the MP for Orkney & Shetland declared void. However there is suspicion at Westminster than Carmichael and Roddin were not the only politicians or special advisers who knew of the memo or its dubious content.

The Cabinet Office, which ran the inquiry into the leak, and the Scotland Office have both refused freedom of information requests about who else saw the memo. Peter Grant, SNP MP for Glenrothes, tabled Commons written questions about its distribution.

He asked Mundell, Carmichael’s coalition junior during the leak, “whether he was sent a copy of the memo”, “when he first became aware” of it, and when he first knew it was leaked. Mundell responded last week, but conspicuously failed to answer the first two points. He said he first knew of the leak when the Daily Telegraph ran a story on it, but did not address his personal knowledge of the memo itself.

Grant, who is seeking a Westminster Hall debate on the issue, condemned the evasion. “David Mundell has refused to answer the very simple question I asked – was he sent a copy of this infamous memo? It is a basic factual point, yet at every stage the Scotland Office has refused to divulge who was on the copy list. We need to know why it is seeking to cover it up.”

A Scotland Office spokesman said: “The Secretary of State for Scotland first became aware of the memorandum leak when it formed the basis of a story in the Daily Telegraph on 3 April. “The findings of the Cabinet Office enquiry made clear only the former Scottish Secretary and his Special Adviser had any involvement in the leaking of the memo.”

Tom Gordon

Scottish Political Editor

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4 comments on “Mundell criticised for refusing to say what he knew of ‘Frenchgate’ memo

  1. What other country would allow such liars and traitors to hold positions of power, whats wrong with us, have we been brow beaten into believing this is alright.


  2. Unfortunately, Carmichael is a serial liar, as I discovered from my correspondence with him as a Constituent on matters EU, child abuse and Scottish Independence, etc. I wouldn’t trust a thing that he or his associates say or do.

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