Sturgeon: English Votes Plan ‘Unacceptable’ – SNP Playing a BELTER

Nicola Sturgeon says there is a clear Scottish interest in EVEL'

Nicola Sturgeon says there is a clear Scottish interest in EVEL’

Nicola is speaking for Scotland here but also Wales and Northern Ireland also vast amounts of English people. How can it be democratic for England to vote like this when it has clear consequences to the countries I mentioned? Scotland is down in Westminster, we may lose some votes but the longer we are down there the more someone at some point will say “Oh just make them shut up, give them what they ask” Because that seems to me and others I debate with a pretty good and honest way of seeing what is happening. Nicola with her 56 Friends, soon to be 57 when a certain liar resigns will fight tooth and nail against all laws that effect out of England regions. Nicola is fighting for Wales and Northern Ireland also, lets make that clear and I think when the time comes Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland as well as a North England % of people will one day say “No more” As I believe, 2020 is our day, till then we make friends. Nicola’s visit to the USA <Click) came at a time when London are thinking about trading oil in Euro’s. China, Russia, Iran and many others have stopped trading oil in the ‘Petrodollar <Click) So Nicola is making friends all over before the collapse of the US Dollar. When she went to America she even gave Obama friendship at a time others under the #British Banner were not, she mentioned Oil to the American’s and that was clever, even if in fun a few times, video is below. Nicola even took some Scottish Tea to drink. Scottish tea made by a person with the same 2nd name as me 😉 Facts are we must be patient and wait till we are as sure we would turn Scotland Yellow in May 7th, THAT SURE! Some will think “What does the PetroDollar have to do with Scotland” The answer is simple – A LOT! Keep your friends near but enemy nearer? Is that how that goes? All I share below is relevant and some, so please try and be knowledge so when 2020 arrives we are sure, more than sure, we know!

Nicola had fun, video of this is below, but it was political

Nicola had fun, video of this is below, but it was political

We Yes voters WILL get what the NO voters were promised. Ironic huh?

We Yes voters WILL get what the NO voters were promised. Ironic huh?

Is David 100% sure what is happening? I don't think so ;-)

Is David 100% sure what is happening? I don’t think so 😉

So lets all understand what Nicola is doing here, she went to America as a friend but it was 100% political and still is, Nicola is a Politician remember, why she went to America (Nicola in the USA <Click for Video) She with Alex and the SNP are playing a BLINDER right now, just allow the 2020 process to happen and we will be free, so patience friends. The link below shows clearly the 45% became 50% on May 7th General Election. We must stop fighting Hate <Click) with hate. I said this and I offended some so I will quickly say it again. From the year 2014 till 2020 when I believe Nicola will place a 2016 mandate for a second referendum good and bad things help Scotland’s cause. In those 6 years we have 6 years of youthful kids who have watched Scotland become Political and want to embrace it. Sadly the over 65’s who voted 70%-NO and 30%-YES if my math is good around 20% of each we gain and lose. Nicola is aware of the figures and percentages. Now I refuse to blame the over 65’s for Scotland voting no in the Referendum. But we must understand how things will change by 2020. It’s the circle of like guys. Video’s and more links below


The Yes will me more by 2020, go research numbers and you will see it, we MUST wait – Simple Question I had to ask

Via Zero Point on You Tube

PREDICTION: Fall Of The U.S. Petro Dollar Nears
Via Fabiab4Libarty on You Tube

Sturgeon calls English votes plan ‘unacceptable’
Via Yini news on You Tube

Alba gu bràth

~~~~Story Via: Sky News ~~~~

Scotland’s First Minister has written to the UK Government about “unacceptable” plans to implement English votes for English laws (EVEL). Nicola Sturgeon has demanded Westminster fully engages with the Scottish Government over the proposals, saying there is a “clear Scottish interest” in the plans.

In her letter to Scottish Secretary David Mundell, the SNP leader called for greater clarity over the way Bills would be assessed as applying, or not applying, to Scotland. And she called for a meeting with Mr Mundell and Chris Grayling, the Leader of the House of Commons, to discuss the proposals.

MPs, led by Liberal Democrat Alistair Carmichael, last week staged an emergency debate on the plans, protesting that they would mean effectively an English Parliament within the ranks of the Commons – creating two tiers of MPs.

David Cameron meets Nicola Sturgeon: PM considers more powers for Scotland
VIA Press Association on You Tube

The UK Government later promised a redraft of the controversial proposals and postponed a Commons vote on the issue until at least September. Writing to Mr Mundell today, Ms Sturgeon said the Scottish Government has “a number of concerns about the proposals”.

She wrote: “I hope that Chris’s announcement that the vote in the Commons will be delayed until September will enable further consideration including full engagement with the Scottish Government.

May: SNP Gains Transform Scotland

May: SNP Gains Transform Scotland

“There is a clear Scottish interest in EVEL because of the impact it will have, and the proposals, as they currently stand, are unacceptable.”

The letter highlighted concerns about the “narrowness” of the assessment over what relates exclusively to England, with the decision limited to whether the Bill legally extends to Scotland, rather than taking into account the wider financial and policy implications. She argued that, of the 20 Bills passed during the last parliament and listed by the UK Government as not extending to Scotland, 13 of them were actually relevant north of the border.

Sturgeon Backs EU Membership
Via Voice of America on You Tube

A UK Government spokesman said: “Parliament will debate modified standing orders this week and the Government will consider all the points that are made before proceeding.

“With increased devolution across the UK it is fair that English MPs have a greater say over laws that will only apply to England. This is a constructive contribution from the First Minister and we welcome her change of tone on this issue. The Secretary of State will continue to engage with the Scottish Government as these important changes are taken forward.”

~End Story~

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