David Mundell pledges ‘major Scotland Bill changes’

David Mundell has pledged to bring major changes to the Scotland Bill

David Mundell has pledged to bring major changes to the Scotland Bill

Like you I won’t be holding my breath on this one. 1 seat for the Tory party in Scotland in the shape of David Mundell on May 7th is just a nuisance, had the Tory party had not 1 Westminster Scottish Minister it would have been a tad better. Now we have this fool, and to be fair he is a fool, telling us he will do this and do that is just a slap in the teeth to Scotland. As I said in my last article below this one we will have to wait till the process’s of life happen before we can change all this. Scotland will be free one day, they Tory party know it, Labour know they are done in Scotland, the Political face of Scotland has changed so much, we are probably the most politically active country on Earth right now, most people I speak to can hold a reasonable (Like me) debate on Politics and it’s rights and wrongs and all in-between. Anyway, don’t hold our breaths here Scotland. But do know the SNP and Nicola with help from Alex and others are no mugs, they hold a few ace’s up their sleeves and expect them to be played at the right time

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SCOTTISH Secretary David Mundell has pledged to bring major changes to the Scotland Bill in a move that is the first suggestion by the UK Government that the legislation falls short of the all-party Smith Commission proposals. During exchanges in Scottish questions Mr Mundell also promised he would bring the changes at the next stage of the Bill in the Commons after criticisms over his plans to do most of the work in the Lords.

I want a debate on the substance. I don’t want stunts, soundbites and press releases

David Mundell

However, the Scottish Secretary, who is still in negotiations with the Scottish Government, refused to rule out bringing changes in the Lords despite objections from the SNP on its “unelected” status. Mr Mundell refused to say which changes he will make. However, he told MPs: “It is my intention to make substantive changes to the Scotland when it comes back at Report Stage.” He said that he had “noted” the amendments put down at committee stage by Opposition parties and “will reflect on them all” and decide which Changes to bring in. He added: “Some of the Labour amendments were sensible and constructive and some were put down for party political reasons.” He said: “I will look at all amendments and sort out the wheat from the chaff.” But on the SNP’s amendment he mocked the Nationalists for putting forward an amendment to devolve national insurance but “none of them speaking to support it.” He added: “I want a debate on the substance. I don’t want stunts, soundbites and press releases.”





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