Sturgeon: I hope for a ‘reasonable’ settlement on evel

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As many of us posted yesterday Nicola is not taking this ‘Evel sitting down. Why should English, Welsh and Northern Politicians vote on Scottish matters yet English law makers, we will call them Politicians for now think it would be ok to stop Scotland voting on English matters. I DON’T THINK SO!

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SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has suggested that her party could find agreement with the Conservatives on ‘English votes for English laws’ (evel).

But she warned that any settlement would have to “cut both ways”. The SNP has accused the Conservatives of trying to make Scottish MPs ‘second class’ politicians through the move.

Ms Sturgeon said yesterday that she hoped that revised Tory proposals would form the basis for a “reasonable approach” to finding agreement. But the Conservatives insisted that the redraft was not a change but merely a “clarification” of how the rules would work in practice.

David Cameron was accused of abandoning the Union with Scotland when his party unveiled newly beefed-up evel proposals last month.

Labour oppose the reforms, accusing the government of attempted gerrymandering.

The party argues that the changes would tie the hands of any Labour government that won a general election but did not have a majority of English MPs.

Ms Sturgeon has previously called for talks with the Tory government on the plans. Yesterday she said reforms would have to “cut both ways” and prevent English MPs blocking legislation of great importance north of the border – such as recent attempts to amend the Scotland Bill.

“I want to get to a point in the House of Commons where there is some agreed understanding and principle on both sides,” she said. “I hope we can get to a constructive and sensible and reasonable and fair settlement of this. “Over the past few weeks on the Scotland Bill … there have been a number of reasonable and sensible amendments put down, backed by often 56, sometimes 57, 58 or 59 Scottish MPs, and the Prime Minister has used his majority in England to systematically vote them all down. “If we are going to get to the point where there is an understanding and a reasonable approach to where different constituencies vote on different things in the House of Commons, that has to cut both ways. “I am open to that reasonable discussion with the Prime Minister.”

Ministers pulled a planned Commons vote on evel last week amid fears that opposition parties, including Labour and the SNP, would defeat the government.

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