Michael Flatley – Lord of the dance finale

This guy can MOVE! HA HA

This guy can MOVE! HA HA

I will come clean and say I have never sat and watched this type of dancing, the music I like, obviously 😀 But this chap can move for fun. How fit must a person be to do this for like 2 hours flat? I love expressive Art in all forms, Music, Words be them poems or music, Pictures and images to what people write, even dance like this below. To see someone expressing in this way is kinda awe-inspiring. If I tried this my back would be out before I stepped onto the stage 😀 Enjoy if ‘This is your thing’ Or even ‘Yeah I can watch this for a few minutes’ All good here 🙂 I was actually having a Facebook moment in fun with one of my partners friends and for some reason I can’t remember I posted one of these videos. Then my stupid awaking brain goes and does this 😀 Life is just fun right? ….. Right 😦

😀 Anyway I even did a little research 😀

There are two types of shoes in Irish step dance. Soft shoes called ‘Ghillies, and hard shoes, jig shoes. Michael Flatley’s shoes may look like tap shoes but they’re not. There are differences between Irish hard shoes and tap shoes. Tap shoes have taps, while Irish hard shoes do not. Hard shoes for irish dancing also have much thicker heels and a thicker wedge on the ball of the foot then on tap shoes. They also have a strap going around the top of the foot too.


Link to the guy: http://www.michaelflatley.com/

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