Palace backing down as SNP refuse Royal payments

Buckingham Palace, London, England

Buckingham Palace, London, England

Now please cast your mind back to December 8th 2014 and you will see I wrote this article here ‘Nicola Sturgeon refuses to pay the Queen! Go on Nicola! <Click) An article many scoffed at and ridiculed the mere mention of Scotland stopping paying for the Royal Families upkeep. Where did I get the story in the first place? Well I research hard, I do say this often 😀  As Nicola and the SNP made a decision that will humiliate Buckingham Palace and Westminster, basically Whitehall 😀 This leaves the question of “What will the Unionist’s do” Now what I do mean is the people who won the ‘September 14th 2014 Referendum’ on Scotland voting herself free away from the British Union. Remember the winners? The 55% were the winners and a small percentage of the ‘No Movement are behind the Queen and all she stands for! Are kinda Protestant as they kinda sing to us ish, yet they never go to church, so this small percentage don’t seem the brightest right <Click) I say a small percentage because I hope so. These are Scottish born people singing ‘God Save The Queen’ so lets get one thing clear, I have no problem with someone born in the UK, I am British through birth just now myself, singing this song, in-fact I encourage being a Nationalist or to be proud of where you come from, there is nothing wrong with that. I said before in another blog, I can’t remember when I pointed out ‘It’s not about our flying the flag, it’s why we fly the flag’? Is it hatred? is it national pride? the reason we wave flags? You have your own answer I hope. Because these are the reasons we need to know Scotland. With no hate we try and co-exist and do what’s right for our kids future yet these people, BACKED BY THE MEDIA!!! Almost control. Every day call for the Scottish Unilateral Declaration of Independence things due to where they lean. Make sense? Please say yes!

I just happen to want a free Scotland away from an uneven Union, with knowledge of WHY

I just happen to want a free Scotland away from an uneven Union, with knowledge of WHY

Should we put up with this? If we vote yes next time or the SNP just  do they all come out the woodwork? It’s the anger, and it’s same anger we see in London Politicians faces when the rob a person already poor. I think the video above and below will match this image perfectly, both love England here ok. The images below are awful, but they are the same looks you get from a small percentage of no voters or Loyalists as the Media call them. Many Yes voters now talk about Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI<Click) So there are people on both sides looking for the end result today, sadly we must wait, we who want a free Scotland, I won’t brand us any more, we get that already by the uneducated, thankfully a small %

Because he won a vote condemning poor, poorer all over Britain

Because he won a vote condemning poor, poorer all over Britain


He did it the year before, this guy is evil for money


They got NOTHING. Yes voters are fighting for a lie they fell for!

They got NOTHING. Yes voters are fighting for a lie they fell for!


The Winners show Scotland exactly how they feel, but numbers are dropping! Lot of English voices there that night 😉


…….We lost, so we got on with it, well we tried

Riots in Glasgow Scotland after independence referendum

Nazi Salutes At Glasgow’s George Square [Nazi Salutes At Glasgow’s George Square]

God Save the Queen Glasgow Style

So Scotland do we want to pay for all this, or do we want to have less Foodbanks? An already brilliant Education System made better? A better National Health Service although it’s all £Free up here, less bombs and more done for the bairns, disabled old and people life just beat up?? Where do you want your Tax money go? You be sitting thinking “I don’t work, what do I care” But you know you pay Tax buying any item on Earth right? Just saying! I know this blog might bring the usual hard men and comments I yawn at and all the hate you can imagine, but really I am ok with it all, people who want to harm you don’t give you a weeks notice in email 😀 In peace and solidarity with anyone in the World who is been stood on by the ignorance of the rest, we stand in Solidarity. Know 1 think my Loyalist in Scotland! Very soon you become a minority in Scotland the same as the Tory and Red Tory alike!

Alba gu bràth



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The Queen is set to no longer receive funding via Scotland’s crown estate, a decision that means that the income of the monarch and the rest of the royal family could reduce by more than £2m a year.

It is understood that the Scottish parliament intends to retain the profits from the crown estate in Scotland for use in Scotland, which could have the consequence of reducing the sovereign grant, which funds the monarchy. Buckingham Palace intends to raise the consequences for the Queen with David Cameron and George Osborne.

It had been understood that Scotland would still agree to contribute to the Queen’s costs after taking over management of the crown estate assets north of the border, worth £26m, but it appears that under Nicola Sturgeon this will not occur. “Originally, Alex Salmond did imply that might happen. But the new leadership said no,” one senior aide said.

The sovereign grant – which this year was £39.9m – funds the royal household. It is calculated on a formula that sees the Queen handed 15% of the annual surplus of the crown estate, one of the largest property owners in the UK. This year, revenue from the crown estate in Scotland stood at £14.5m, which represents a £2.2m contribution to the sovereign grant.

Snp are sending out a huge message here

SNP are sending out a huge message here

Palace officials raised the issue as they presented the Queen’s annual accounts. Sir Alan Reid, keeper of the privy purse, said the Scottish plans created a complication over future funding. “The transfer of the Scottish assets of the crown estate to the Scottish government does confuse the issue of renegotiating the percentage in due course because the total assets under the crown estate management will fall, and therefore 15% will be less than it would be if the transfer of the Scottish assets had taken place,” he said.

Under Alex Salmond, the SNP last year pledged that Scotland would retain the Queen as head of state, if the country had voted for independence from the rest of the UK last September. But the monarch faced criticism in Scotland after she was asked to make a rare public intervention in the final days of the Scottish independence referendum, speaking publicly to a well-wisher outside church near Balmoral saying: “I hope people will think very carefully about the future.”

Buckingham Palace stressed that the funding issue would not affect the royal family’s relationship with Scotland. The Queen will “continue to go to Balmoral, and to Holyrood, and she’ll continue to be Queen of Scotland”, said one source.

There appears to be no other mechanism in place for Scotland to contribute to the monarchy. Scottish ministers are thought to be considering transferring the management of the crown estate assets in Scotland on to the local authorities, with the intention of using the surplus for more social purposes.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said it was wrong to infer that Scotland would no longer contribute to the monarchy based on the change to the operation of the crown estate and its impact on the grant received by the Queen. The spokesman said it was an “entirely hypothetical” situation, and that though the sovereign grant was calculated on a percentage of the crown estate income, “there is a formulaic connection between the two, but there is no financial connection between the two”.

Scots would effectively still contribute to the costs of the monarchy because they pay taxes to the Treasury, which in turn supplies the money for the sovereign grant, he said. A Scottish government spokeswoman added: “Scotland will continue to make the same financial contribution to the monarchy as at present – there will be no reduction in the sovereign grant as a result of devolution of the crown estate.”

The Scottish government said that the level of funding the Queen receives from the Treasury under the sovereign grant is set by reference to 15% of the crown estate’s profits and does not come directly from crown estate profits themselves. With most taxes paid in Scotland continuing to be controlled by the Treasury, Scotland will continue to make the same contribution to the monarchy through general taxation.

The sovereign grant – which apart from security costs represents the main public funding of the monarchy – was introduced in 2011 to replace the annual civil list and property and travel grants. It is based on 15% of crown estate profits from two years previously, but its amount cannot drop below the previous year and the exact percentage is renegotiated every five years. It is due for review from April 2016. The crown estate income was surrendered to the Treasury in return for an annual civil list by George III. The Queen’s accounts show a 6.7% increase in funding last year to £37.9m, of which she spent £35.7m, setting the rest aside in a reserve account.

Defending the increase, at a time of austerity, aides said money had to be found for major repairs on property, including at Buckingham Palace. As part of a 10-year plan, aides have looked at re-servicing Buckingham Palace, with an initial estimate of £150m to bring it up to date. One option would involve the Queen and royal household moving out for the duration of repairs.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall notched up the largest travel bill – a £446,159 tour of Mexico and Colombia, a £239,710 tour of the United States and Charles’s visit to the Middle East, which cost £262,212 – all of them using charter flights.

Royal travel costs rose to £5.1m, up 21% on 2013-4. The Duke of York spent £62,856 on a charter flight to Kuwait and £43,343 on a charter to Saudi Arabia. Prince Harry’s tour of Brazil and Chile cost £43,872 on scheduled flights and £41,754 on charter flights.

Prince Charles saw his income from the Duchy of Cornwall rise by 1.7% to £19.8m. His tax bill, after the deduction of business expenditure, was £4.5m. Presenting the accounts, which will be laid before parliament, Reid said: “The Queen, the royal family and the household continue to provide excellent value for money: at 56p per person annually.” He added: “Over the coming years, the maintenance of the estate and in particular Buckingham Palace will present a significant financial challenge. We will continue to work closely with the royal trustees to ensure that the funding for the royal household reflects that challenge.”


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10 comments on “Palace backing down as SNP refuse Royal payments

  1. If the. Scottish government wanted the best education as you claim, why have they cut so much from the education budget and yet sit with a surplus? Education is the pathway to a decent job yet it’s now performing at its worst. This includes educational support and adult education, this proves that education is not a priority for the SNP.


  2. Great article – thanks – interesting read. Reminds me of the Indyposterboy picture of the Royals on the balcony. I think it was titled “Benefit Street”. Sooooooo much money – really proud of Nicola 🙂 It is so weird having these modern day heroes who are actually politicians! Perhaps because they’re ‘normal’ people, united with each other and Scotland against an oppressive force.
    Overcast just now but sun trying to break through!


  3. Just a heads up on a good candidate for President:

    Sanders is considered “Socialist” by many in the U.S., and he calls himself a “Democratic Socialist.” (He would probably just be considered “normal” in many other countries.)

    He is for lowering the cost of tuition at universities, he’s anti-war, against the TPP trade agreement, and he wants to do something about billionaires and wealth/income inequality, etc. Just a “heads up.”

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