People are ‘Strange – Shaun and 2 old ladies ‘The Story

People are JUST stupid, like these guys from movie 'Shaun of the dead :D

People are JUST stupid, like these guys from movie ‘Shaun of the dead 😀

So here I am, 4am as I start to type, in bed, my partner is asleep a few feet behind me and I can’t sleep. My mind be like “Hio! Gibson, get drugs” where as my soul be “Chase yourself you fool” Beat it no drugs, that kinda thing, you get the drift yeah? Good.

So I was laying on my back trying to fall asleep, music on the headset buds so I can listen to music on my side in bed, you get the drift! ‘TMI I can hear some think, and frankly I don’t blame you for thinking this, in-fact I applaud it!! So I started to think about something that happened on, I think Tuesday, just last Tuesday there. It was a “You had to be there” moment, but I found myself laughing in bed, like my daughters do, like a child 😀 just 10 minutes ago there, probably woke the Mrs up as I am sure I got kicked. PS: These 2 video’s I am sharing are very small clips from the Movie made in the USA, called ‘Team America’ Give it a watch hilariously funny! here is clip 1. Also it may be offensive! But America did this! Not me 🙂

Now people are people right? Do you like this? If not, no matter, it explains video 2 😀

Last Tuesday if I remember, I was in the ‘Tesco Express not far from the house for milk and bread or some crap like that. Was in a bit of pain, just couldn’t be bothered with strangers, you know this as we all get this. You be like “Ahh crap, got to go out and I hate people today” But you got to go or the wife will beat you, those kind of people maybe, I was going out blind, not knowing whom I may meet!! We all see them and meet them every day 😀

If you have an image of Old Lady 1 or 2, it might NOT be this, maybe it will be, wait and see

If you have an image of Old Lady 1 or 2, it might NOT be this, maybe it will be, wait and see

So this old lady, old lady 1, keep reading, you will see why I numbered her, maybe 70 years old was 2 ahead of me in the queue, behind her and in-front of me was another old lady, we call her old lady 2. The girl serving I know, she is from Newcastle in England and is a brilliant laugh, well we had a moment of fun, but the 2 old ladies had no idea, and I had the poor checkout assistant about peeing herself trying not to laugh 😀 Honest you had to be there, this is what happened.

People can be like this you know!

So I am standing behind 2 older ladies, nice people probably! The first lady being served had 2 bottles of fine wine and a cucumber 😀 You know where this is going, you are a bad person like me! You though exactly what I might say, you are people too! I am also people! We are all people! So this lady had these items and she said “I am having a friend over tonight” I said out loud “So is that what we call a Cucumber these days” Now the check out girl, around the same age as me about blew up! She laughed, stopped laughing, farted, coughed, spat, tried to stop again and made, almost a fart noise 😀 So while the old lady is oblivious I a look into the basket of old lady 2, the one between me and old lady 1. She had, NOW I DON’T MAKE THINGS UP OK!! Old lady 2 had 1 bottle of wine and a bunch of bananas 😀 So as old lady number 1 is telling me and check out girl how good her night is going to be, I was like “Yeah” and “Good night hon” also “Looks like someone is going to have fun” She laughed but not for the same reasons as checkout girl and I. So at this point I was starting to like people again. I made a comment to all 3 about old lady 2 by saying “Looks like your friend is going to have an amazing night” and winked at check out girl. I swear as God as my witness, checkout girl had to go on her knees (NOT LIKE THAT PERVERTS, SEE, YOU THINK LIKE ME, DON’T JUDGE ME 😀 ) She was on her knee’s in tears crying. All the time I am speaking to the old ladies about “How good a night they will have with their wine, cucumber and bananas” NOW! At this point, unknown to me but known to checkout girl, a huge queue had formed behind me, ALL LAUGHING 😀 I didn’t know it but there were about 5 people behind me TOTALLY getting my joke about old lady’s both 1 and 2 😀

Isn’t life just amazing fun guys and galls? 😀

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8 comments on “People are ‘Strange – Shaun and 2 old ladies ‘The Story

  1. Ahahahaha…funny. my mom turned 74 last Monday. She would have gotten it. She would have gotten it and smiled and rolled her eyes. I’m laughing my ass off. We had a merchant with BJ in name. The lady who got it was foreign and didn’t understand the term. The whole group of about 13 of us started laughing…and told her what it was later.

    Thank you for making me laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! Poor old dears. Just goes to show the older generation haven’t a smutty bone in their bodies. That would have been a good vid for youtube matey.

    Liked by 1 person

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