Humans Releasing Every Emotion They Have! Why can’t we all?

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I have shared this video and it’s lyrics and meaning many times in the last month but I want to see how many people are like me, now I know many are but I would appreciate, even if in private messaging, let me know what you thought of what I am about to write. I had no intention of writing this it’s just words flowing as I listen to Eminem of all people 😀 You will see the funny side of this near the end. I am the kind of person that when I find a new movie, song or comedian I am all over them till I hate them. This song I first heard a month ago, it blew me away, just utterly jaw dropping. Now I will keep this short and to the point. OK, We as humans hide, we don’t fully remove ourselves from some invisible force of nature that stops us doing what very few in our World can do. Below are four video’s, same songs, one live the other the video with it’s very powerful meaning. What I want to focus on here is the live performance by A Great Big World with Christina Aguilera ans also Sam Smith where we see three people who are living their dreams. They are able to open up 100% and show a kind of emotion that scares people. I embrace this feeling always, I always have and today I embrace it more. The power of what we can do as people is both amazing yet so sad.

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These two videos below by Sam Smith are just incredible, as I said before I hadn’t hard of this kid till my Mum asked me to buy her the CD, he is a year’s work, as in a year ago he was nobody, his voice is making him something and his expression is to be admired because it is true and honest, he writes his own songs through his life, he has life moments, writes them, then shares them with us, he shares his life with the world through words made into music, I ask what is the difference between him and a blogger? if there is meaning of course, and this is true and the same as any and all forms of art. They are able to just open up and express and show feelings so raw you can almost feel them. I am beginning to understand the World slowly these days. Sure I do step away from the internet and pay bills and do life the same as anyone, but while the amazing medium of the internet is here for us all to express I figure “Why not” – Now some write, some write sport, others poems, some act, they become another person and we see it and we love it but think about it, this actor or singer have taken themselves away from any bad or false emotion and showed the full true human spirit be it in song or acting the part of someone. Example was the performance of David Oyelowo in Selma the movie where he played Dr Martin Luther King 50 years ago in the race struggles that still embellish the USA today, for me he deserved the Oscar for his performance! The song I will share also, why not! lol This is American struggles, again it’s expression. This is a live Oscars song about the movie Selma, then Oscar acceptance speech from Common and John Legend, this is expression of love, peace, harmony at all needed in our World in any malevolent cause

Common & John Legend Sing Selma & Acceptance Speech Oscar 2015
Via producertony2001 on You Tube

check the 1st song, come on, what you got to lose. You can go be ‘Society later, but for now try and express, release and just be, try it, if you are alone, what do you lose by releasing? Sure you may cry but I cry a lot 😀 Yup! Shaun Gibson cries 😀 Now I would beat any man to death for wronging a loved one of mine or I myself but being able to become the total opposite is something life is teaching me every day these days and it’s amazing, so please, try it? You may smile at the end of it and go and live your dream or go do whatever it is you need to do. I am about to scare myself in some new venture but I am readying myself first. It will be staggering but I am nearly ready, but forget me, check >

Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One (Live) (Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater)
Via SamSmithWorldVEVO on You Tube


~~Same Song as above ~~ The Official full length video~~
Via SamSmithWorldVEVO on You Tube

The only downside with this is we must always turn the coin around. It is so sad to see people hiding, unable to expose even 1% of themselves to the World in fear another calls them on it. What I mean they live a life where, what others think of them reflects their life, they change to suit others Why would people do this? 😦 See I smiled and showed unhappy there at the same time because it is funny in a way but when you strip it back it is sadly people trapped by life. Life has them is beating them them on the ground and the person has no strength or will to stand up and fight back. I simply ask “Why is this so?” As I become part of the Human race after all these years on prescribed heroin I see it more and more with each passing moment, never mind day. I found a partner who is like me, my partner is so much fun, easy to talk too, just an amazing friend whom I happen to have 4 kids with and have been with since we were both 12 and 14 I think. 😀 Life is good right?


So performance is often called ‘Acting” Often when we stand before the act our minds are blown to bits and our heart exposed for a brief moment, some escape this emotion, some drag it to them because the emotion is so strong. But we also have people who are just different, they don’t look at the World the same as the performer, singer, actor, poet, painter or art to writer or blogger, they don’t want to know it but still live good fun happy lives. So we have many types of people, people are just people right? Remember I did blog it, called  People are ‘Strange – Shaun and 2 old ladies ‘The Story <Click) I was in bed laughing about it, I have been caught a few times in the car alone laughing about it 😀 Me and my Dad speak 3/4/5 times a week, sometimes 5 minutes often 5 hours, and we are like this, we both laugh alone at things that happened before. We are idiots but we are very comfy being idiots 😀 So we have ALL kinds of people. Yet we judge, we accuse, we presume, we guess, we tolerate and we become ‘Society. Well the people I hang with, people who work, don’t work, own a business or are in some group, doesn’t matter, people are people, some get each other always. Any kind of person we meet be them nice or nasty will have friends no matter, people are people, please do read that ‘Old Lady story above 😀 But truly, the people I know daily in my life are just ‘Nice people, simple, nothing amazing, just amazing friends. One of my best mates has moved around the corner from me, he was the left side of my brain when I did football for 15 years, we are mates through moments, sad and happy moments, in and away from football and into life, I am happy he is here now, he is an ex Grade 2 referee, 55? year old? LOL I am dead if he reads this and I am wrong, he is just a brilliant mate now a cup of tea and 30 seconds drive away from Dawn and I, my own son’s respect the lad, so people, as I say, are people

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So to sum up. Why is it some of us can think so deeply and so passionately yet we have others who cast stones at people for just being happy or being themselves. I said this before and it is getting boring but a person who should know better, who should not be saying what they do to me, no person in that position can ever say what was said. Look it is what it is and I say it for the last time to make my point or to help myself understand the point. People can write a song, go test it then go perform it to 20,000 live and express fully like these 2 below. Yet others dismiss this feeling. I think I started this blog to ask a question and by writing I actually got the answer. That is the beauty of expression though, we change and see things and every moment stands alone, if good we keep if not we let go or try. Life is so easy, some can express, what stops? say me? Going on the X-Factor? What is stopping you from going to drama school, what stops you going to learn something at college as an adult? What is stopping you from living, what is stopping you from smiling, what is stopping you from expressing? What is this fear? I don’t want to feel this life fear, I never will, even on my death bed I know I won’t, but  where does it come from? A person was correct a while back when they said to me “When 2 words will do the job, you use 200” and here I am. So, all that aside, enjoy watching humans just let go. What stops us living these dreams we desire? We must learn this in ourselves. I don’t want fame nor money but when I say “I want to change the World” People laugh. But what I mean is “I want to change my World” So I say, whenever you are asked “Do you want to change the World” answer with “Yeah, my own World” Because this is the only way we will change this crooked World and start to express without feeling judged

A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera – LIVE – A Powerful Rendition of “Say Something” at AMA 2013
Via Rex Ho on You Tube


~~Same song as above ~~ Official Video ~~
Via: AGreatBigWorldVEVO on You Tube ~~

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5 comments on “Humans Releasing Every Emotion They Have! Why can’t we all?

  1. Fear of letting go or letting people in is something we all have. We use it as a defence mechanism in order to protect ourselves from further emotional harm.I know in the past i have let people in and come out the other side badly hurt. I know i put up a wall and stopped anybody or anything from coming near me.Then as time passed by i began to understand why i opened up to people, it was because bottling things up destroys you internally. It solves nothing. Being open and writing to share thoughts, feelings, emotions does not make you a wuss. It just proves you are confident enough within yourself to show a softer more caring side. How you show this whether it be through writing, poetry, song or by standing up and speaking out is personal choice. Many find it hard as they are taught to be the opposite and society makes us that way too. Many find the only way to express is through anonymity of the internet where they can disguise their true self.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Brilliant comment mate. I am glad you solved the letting yourself be read or seen issue. You and I (I think) are the same in terms of we care very little what people think, and by that I mean strangers. Of course we care what our parents or partners think.
      Great reply mate, as always!


  2. Thank you Anne. Truly, coming from you it means ‘More.
    I just think people will say “You are bad” or “What you do is bad”
    Because we dared open up. So what we do in our blog pages, is it any different from a singer writing a song?
    A Person writing a book or any other art form, because all they are doing is expressing, doing a painting also, all art.

    Sadly when we open up we are a target. I think one thing I learnt early and just ask “Why” is this very point” Why can a person write a song that comes from their human experiences same as ours, perform it to a Million people and more on tour all over the World and are loved for it. But when others try to express they get stood on. 😀 Makes no sense to me. You know me well and I you, you know I am a deep thinking guy who is not afraid to show emotion but can also have amazing fun, like you Anne I can go to either spectrum of expression.

    Example, I have 2 songs for my kids..
    1 for my sons..
    1 for my daughters..
    So I share.. x ❤

    For my Sons: Also my own Father 🙂 x

    For my daughters:



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