Scotland can be free! First we must free Scottish minds – Stop the hate!


Now before I say quickly what is on my mind, please know I am just a 2 bob blogger trying his best to make sense of Scotland and why and how we can become free. I am above nobody, I am below nobody. I see Scottish people argue way too much. I am in maybe 30 groups all over Social Media for Scottish Freedom or what it stands for. Sadly I see too many arguments than debate. I get abuse daily from a handful, say 10 a day? But I reach thousands so it is small. I speak to other bloggers and people who run groups and we debate and this is the discussion we have a lot “Why do we fight amongst ourselves?” I just shake my head at it. I don’t hate and never will on Social Media. I respect the people who write for free, daily, to inform Scottish people of the truth, as this is what I do and I know how difficult it can be just for me having M.E. – Now right there someone thought “Shaun is playing the disabled card” And I don’t blame you for thinking this, I ask only when you read me or confront me or even be my friend, that I just want to be treated normal, don’t treat me as a disabled guy, I am just a lad writing what the main stream media won’t and I am probably on purpose, asking the REALLY hard questions Scotland needs to ask. I refuse to be “MR Big Guy” and place myself above people, it’s outwith my mindset. I see too many group admins stopping freedom of expression, of information. I see people stop the flow of information, I know why they do it, do you?

This is what THEY are doing to us peeps..Please see it! You do know they do it

This is what THEY are doing to us peeps..Please see it! You do know they do it

Through this process it creates almost anger in some, this confused me. Scotland I ask, how can we be a free country if we can’t co-exist while being under Westminster rule and oppression? We will be free one day very soon, sooner than most think, but till that day we must drop the hate. We have Nationals and Unionist thinkers who are VERY COOL people, just different ways of thinking, it’s when the hate comes in, we must rise up against this hate. Is it not in our National Anthem or a song used at big Sporting events? Many want to debate our National Anthem and what it should be, me? I just sing this below or Scotland the brave, I am both, what are you? These songs are words that say “Sing through the oppression” or words to that effect. I will let you judge by listening to an amazing version of our national anthem Scotland. Don’t use a song most of us love to hate, this isn’t a song of hate, it’s rebellious and should remind all Scottish people of ‘Why, please try! Please! Give this a listen and consume my words if you can, I am asking please! We must stand up an send them home again, IN PEACE

Flower of Scotland Lyrics The Corries
Via: TheAceshooter272 on You Tube

You are my Kin! One day we walk away, all I am asking is “Can we do it together” and “Why must some hate”? Two big questions. Often I see people just waiting to be offended. Sadly or thankfully I block them within a minute if I can’t reach them with a debate in private. 9 times out of 10 when someone says something that comes over as hate I don’t get involved, just shake my head. When I am the chosen one for hate I try and debate and show respect, if none is coming back, simple as this, I don’t do hate so I block 😦 Not really what I want to be doing guys n gall’s, but I refuse to be someone else’s hate agenda, why? Because most of the time it is very easy to know why hate is coming

download (1)

This is why we argue, mostly it’s this. Wake up to it, see it and deny it’s lies of hate


And I mean it!

And I mean it!


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