♫ Amanda Brown – Scottish girl singing ‘Free Forever ♫ – Just WOW! ♪


Amanda Brown ♫ Free Forever ♫

Yesterday I wrote this blog ‘Scotland can be free! First we must free Scottish minds – Stop the hate! <Click) And through this debate I got sent this amazing song by another friend. Amanda I will quote her below as it is her song. I got sent it last night via a Facebook group and the song by Amanda blew me away. I don’t know Amanda apart from asking her if I could share this amazing song ‘Free Forever with my audience, she said “Yeah, share away” This has had almost 20,000 Views on Amanda’s Facebook page already, so there is a chance some may have heard this before, for some reason, and not much escapes my attention re: Scotland 😀 I had not heard Amanda or her song. I was blown away, her amazing voice and youthful energy as she sung about the very thing I write about, expressing, activating, trying, reaching out, call it what you will. Everyone who writes or makes a song or a poem or any expression at all about a ‘Free Scotland or life in general, I admire deeply people who can let go and express with no hate yet no care of others thoughts either, no hate! So enjoy, below is the video and what Amanda said when she shared it and a quote she gave me last night explaining why she wrote and performed this song, for you the reader. The song alone is outstanding, also we must acknowledge her ability to strip away her feelings of human doubt and then her expression to perform this openly on Facebook flawlessly is remarkable. Both the song and emotion of it being sung, I think go hand in hand with the song. Very brave and talented girl is Amanda. As I said I don’t know Amanda as a person, but I do know and see well when another person expresses with such ease, I am human like you, so these things touch us all, it did to me and obviously many others with almost 20,000 views and a live performance at Holyrood Parliament 😀 x I had to share this! #Simple 😀

This was Amanda telling Facebook “Hey, I wrote a song” 

Having some issues uploading! Been hard at it aww day now ma fingers are numb lol im gonney call this Free Forever (sorry for the swear word) this is officially my first ever song. Still writing another one tae. Nae laughin! Hehe!

This was what Amanda sent me, describing where her heart, soul and mind were when writing and performing this song.

I have sang since i was a little girl. Developed some really bad stage fright. During the referendum i campaigned for independence for Scotland and decided that if me singing helped or inspired people i would face my fear. I added a wee video to Facebook. Sadly on the 18th of September my heart like many others was broken. The week after the result i sang in-front of thousands of fellow Scots at Holyrood. And since then have done nothing but sing, play and now write my own music.

Amanda Brown Scotland Song, Free Forever

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