American Hunter Defends Trophy Kill Photos – Her Facebook page


Sabrina Corgatelli uploaded the photo to her Facebook page

Praying after killing a Giraffe? Tells your story vile woman

Praying after killing a Giraffe? Tells your story vile woman

Before I get abused, Main Stream Media already shared your Facebook page Sabrina. This pathetic woman is one of many American’s, rich American’s travelling around the World killing for Sport. I say “How dare you” The same happens Worldwide with Dolphin’s, seal’s etc, how dare we as a species do this? I researched this woman Sabrina and she is a Christian, Religious woman who follows Christianity,  this tells a BIG story for sure, many, some, whatever in this Religion think the are better, think they are more, think America is big and important. Well Sabrina, and you will read this, the USA is 5% of humanity. In-case you have trouble understanding this, what I mean is, out of our 7 Billion people on Earth, America has 350 Million ONLY! You are an Evil woman and you make your Religion look bad, or should I say worse? Religion aside you are A-Typical “Look at me I can do what I want, God has my back and I have money” I say go Feck yourself you evil woman. I don’t hate, I say this as a guy who looks at our World and gets confused when he see’s people do this. How dare we use our so called ‘More clever brains to kill the Animal kingdom? One thing I know about you Sabrina is, this Giraffe was more clever than you!! For sure, oh! Here is this vile woman’s Facebook, feel free to leave a message to her, PLEASE! She is vile SCUM > < Look at what people are saying about you IDIOT. You ARE going to hell, so drop the praying pose! You been rumbled by the almighty! This American Idiot has the nerve to say ‘This is ok, and Giraffe’s are Dangerous to Humans” Yeah is probably right! Don’t know about you but I TIRE of Giraffes killing people I know and running about my City! #Sarcasm  #Alba!

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A US hunter who sparked public outrage after posting pictures of herself next to a dead giraffe has defended her actions.

Sabrina Corgatelli’s images on her Facebook page unleashed a torrent of online abuse in the wake of the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe by US dentist Walter Palmer. But speaking on the US-based Today show, Ms Corgatelli hit back at her critics. “Everything I’ve done here is legal, so how can you fault somebody because of their hobbies?” she said.

Sabrina Corgatelli says the impala is an

Sabrina Corgatelli says the impala is an “African icon”. Picture: Facebook

“To me it’s not just killing an animal, it’s the hunt. “Everybody just thinks we’re cold-hearted killers, and it’s not that. There is a connection with the animal, and just because we hunt them doesn’t mean we don’t have a respect for them. “Giraffes are very dangerous animals. They could hurt you seriously very quickly.”

Ms Corgatelli put the photos on her Facebook page with the accompanying comment: “Such a (sic) amazing animal!! I couldn’t be any happier!! My emotion after getting him was a feeling I will never forget!!!”. She has also uploaded photos of several other kills, including a warthog, an impala, and a wildebeest. The photos were taken during a legal hunting trip in South Africa, US news reports said.

Mr Palmer is facing calls for his extradition to Zimbabwe <Click) to face justice for killing Cecil. Two Zimbabwean men allegedly hired by Mr Palmer have already appeared in court on charges of poaching.

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2 comments on “American Hunter Defends Trophy Kill Photos – Her Facebook page

    • Yeah, this is sport death, nothing more. Her comment of “Giraffe’s are dangerous to humans” was LAUGHABLE! I don’t know about you but I am sick to the back teeth of Giraffes running around Edinburgh and killing people…


      Cheers..Good comment my friend

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