♫ Song ♫ For every Woman or Girl told they were less than others! Evil Consumerism!


Why do we allow this?

Now me personally I met the girl of my dreams aged 13 years old, I am 42 now, four kids and still with the same woman, I was lucky and I hope my partner feels the same, she seems happy so I guess she is. But I remember as a kid and through teenage years to now into adulthood that some woman and young girls get trapped by ‘Consumerism! These awful magazines and TV shows showing beautiful woman, leaving some girls thinking they are less. Check this video below girls.. x

Standard Of Beauty & Photoshop | Model Before and After
Via EcoworldReactor on You Tube

Dad's, we must!

Dad’s, we must!

See what they do to us? They do it to men too, but I am a man, I have many girls in my life, some more important than others, but this would be for say? My little sister, a Niece, a Cousin, anyone who felt less or still feels less, or not, it’s for any girl who feels battered by consumerism methods to make you buy stuff so some idiot in a suit can have a bigger house, because this is ALL THIS IS! Don’t fall for it, you are who you are, you got this far, keep moving forward, you are beautiful. Now I have two little girls here, my 2 little daughters 5 and 6 years old, it is not lost on me I MUST with their Mum’s help teach them of this fake beauty, they will grow, like their mother into amazing young woman and our job is done, the list to the left is EVERY FATHER’S DUTY!! I believe to have two wee girls you MUST show them all of these 7 things every day, but this topic they will understand it fully when the time is right, when they hit an age where it may impress or depress them 🙂 Life is so easy, why make it hard x

You ARE!

You ARE!

What you just seen there in the video above was ‘Consumerism at play, an ordinary girl made to be a beautiful woman through Computer Software, leading young girls and woman feeling less, I DISLIKE THIS! I have seen first hand what ‘Feeling less‘ in a Woman can do, I can’t and won’t go into detail but rest assured it’s not pretty, you just want to cry for these girls and woman who feel less THROUGH LIES AND MIS-TRUTHS! There is a line in this song, I will leave the lyrics and live performance video’s for you to watch, the line is or was aimed at young girls at school being taunted or annoyed by boys, hurtful and true, song is called “Homely Girl” – “It must have broke your poor little heart, When the boys used to say, you looked better in the dark” Very powerful lyrics but UB40 then lyrically helped young girls with this lyric “There was a boy who used to sit beside you, Who’d like to hold that place his whole life through, Oooh you were beautiful to me, You had a heart no one could ever see, oh yes you did” this was written in the late 1980’s by a band called UB40 to this day I still love to bits, they shaped my moral compass as young guy, UB40 sang about many things, oppression and war to girls who are told they are less and all in-between, amazing song writers. It’s fake girls, really, you are all beautiful, my partner who I love dearly will read this and probably give me a hug for doing so, she knows I am just trying to help young girls, older girls to see that they are beautiful as they are. The video above of Photoshop girl IS REALITY OF THE COSMETIC INDUSTRY! Do not read these magazines and think “I am fat” or “I am less” Because you are not! Girls, please take time to watch all 4 video’s and know you are beautiful. Please know also, I write this and share this for the RIGHT REASONS. I just happen to have a soap box here, 10’s of thousands of people read here, so if I can help one girl understand the truth then this, all this I shared, was worth it. This is the only deal here. Please, you are beautiful! 

UB40-Homely girl lyric
Via Kkobo1 on You Tube

UB40 Homely Girl Live at London’s Finsbury Park 1991
Via: ubvideos’s channel on You Tube

More love, less hate. Shauny x 

Via TheWordInOtherWords on You Tube


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