Is Our World To Face End Times? Seems so!!


They are all happening NOW!

This is me just typing out loud here, I have nothing planned, I seen the image above in a Google search for something fun and it hit me like a car in the street. Famine, Death, Anti-Christ and War are only a few things that I guess point to end times. Now I love being alive 😀 I have kids, a partner, family and friends, same as you. So I ask the question, why is it ONLY 1 Country of people 10,000 miles away from War, totally oblivious to the true meaning of suffering through War and oppression. I will name no more Countries or people here because I don’t have to. This Country is a shrine in my main room here in Scotland, I love the country, I grew up loving all things from there, you guys were the symbol for all things good.

What happened?

I see and read and hear people 10,000 miles away saying nasty and hurtful things. So I won’t take your day up with hate, I don’t hate, I can’t hate. How does a Dad hate with two little girls aged 5 and 6 around him all day? The answer is it can’t, these two wee souls take you to love and understanding. Then I see Mythology and old books telling people that War is ok, that oppression is fine. Sadly this big Country, your front door is about to be tapped in the same way mine was when a group of people with a cause bombed mainland Britain and we as kids were scared to go to the shops! I understand fear of oppression and hate from my youth. Today I look at the World and I am confused, I am confused because I see evil people hiding behind their version of God throwing “Who Cares” at the World. Sadly you guys are about to see hear and feel what we all have where I am, my part of the World where 2 people, 2 sets of people who are in conflict don’t want to be, they both hate it, yet the Media and 2 Countries keep the killing going and men in suits make money, that is the deal



Evil owns and runs our World. Should we sell our soul to the Devil today in a non-comical sense asking to win the lottery, then becoming bad people, what does scripture call this? See I research VERY HARD but never look at scripture, I research and scripture comes to me. Now I can see Mr and Mr’s Religion smiling in and evil ‘Told you so” way so hold on!! I didn’t say this was a good thing. I used to ask myself “Why do I get led to scripture” for a time I though it was divine intervention or something, nope, it’s just Google peeps, just internet words that lead us to things that we search for.


We did this regardless, it repeats, I get it now! No matter what we do, it resets and happens over and over

I ask simply, how evil are you as you stand behind your God? 


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