Ronny Roars’ Celtic into Playoffs


Ronny has these guys playing at a VERY high level, it’s going to get higher! Buckle up fans!

Make no mistake readers that in football we fans will let a manager know when he is doing a bad job, last night for the untrained eye was a very solid easy looking defensive job by Celtic. Well I think it was more than just a decent performance, this side we played had beaten GOOD TEAMS last year, one being a Europa League Finalist last season to name just 1, what Ronny has done in 12 months is jaw-dropping. He said last year at this time “Judge me in 1 year from now” remember?


He asked for one year, we waited and gave him that year, now look! Keep in mind Celtic can’t go and spend £10 Million every season on 1 player like most teams we meet seem capable of doing. Celtic have always battled above their weight, more so in the last 20 or so years when money made the issue of forming a football side harder due to TV money in the big European Countries, we went to a UEFA Cup Final a decade ago, before we had just stood back up, Lenny then came in at the back of Strachan and Tony and made things good again, Barcelona 2-1 at home was a sign of what we can do, and when I say ‘We’ I mean the Club, starting first and foremost with us fans, to the boards the 1st team right down the ladder to kids teams, as a club we are in an amazing place considering the money we don’t get, some really do need a reality check when it comes to finances at Celtic, we are doing brilliant


They knew they had it in them before a ball was kicked – This is utter BELIEF!

We can mention the near £5 Million wasted on Pukki Balde and Boerrigter AND wages. Then some will mention £20 in the door from Wanyama then Forster and a few years champions league campaigns. The facts are simple, we are doing well with our income, how did we pay for the stadium upgrades we all love but never question how it got there, it got there through 10’s of thousands of pounds, we actually have spare cash to spend on making our match day ‘Better.

DSCF2399 - Copy

Look at this! This costs a LOT!


..But it’s all coming together on the park as well!

What we seen last night was hard proof of the hard work going on behind the scenes. We can point to many managers over the years, some we loved to start with to others we disliked before they came in the door, for us to then hate or like them in the end, as fans we judge too quickly. With Ronny a year ago, I said on this exact platform “What if Ronny delivers the treble and gets us last 16 of Europa League” to an outcry of unhappy emotions, I get it and I got it at the time. See I know football just enough to understand what is good and what is not, in Ronny at first glance I said “This will work” Look into the articles I have done here on Ronny after 6 months and a year on, you will read me saying “One day a smaller club with more money will come and try and take Ronny from us” I stand by that statement, no brag! I am just delighted to be able to write here 😀 To the owner and my Editor here, the pleasure is mine, who doesn’t like writing about Celtic, especially in the good times!

Don't rule out Virgil 'maybe signing a 1 year extension!

Don’t rule out Virgil ‘maybe signing a 1 year extension!

Last night was what Ronny said we would do, when asked in the media he said “We will go and do our jobs” And we did, Ronny is no fool, we all should know this now, the players he is buying are working, we often do what we did like last night, and I was one of them to question it, Ciftci starting up top ahead of Griffiths, looking back it was a masterstroke by Ronny, Ciftci didn’t do too much in the sense of visible work but he made a nuisance of himself, he tired their back 4 out if you watch the game back again like I just did, then Griffiths comes on and we miss two sitters! Ronny’s plan worked and his players made it happen.

We protected Boyata's goal with so much ease

We protected Boyata’s goal with so much ease

What we have as a football manager today we best love hard because truly one day a GIANT of a club offering £50 a season to buy players will come calling. Right now when I think of that day I see Ronny saying “No thanks” Ronny is what? 39 years old? He has time on his hands to stay here long enough to become a part of our historical future and he knows it! I watch him talk and am blown away how he won the media over and owns them, he just tells it as it is “We were poor” or “we were superb” He doesn’t hide behind excuses, a year ago he was dying inside after a poor Champions League campaign talking to a media he didn’t know about players and club he didn’t know, that takes courage, think about that for a second please.


HIS Plan worked

This young inexperienced lad comes over from Norway to Celtic and OWNS IT! As I said at the top, he asked for a year and there is the proof, go research for yourself, you will see he asked for a year, now he is delivering. He said over the weekend “We will be better, players will leave and players will come in” Ronny knew before the first draw he was going to the Champions League. Ronny said last night “No matter who we face in the final playoff game, they will not be as good as Qarabag”

He has the dressing room and total respect from his soldiers - Roaring here!

He has the dressing room and total respect from his soldiers – Roaring here!

He knows we are going to the Champions League and so do his players, they are above confidence, they are at a level of thinking I have never seen a Celtic side for a LONG TIME, they JUST KNOW 😀 And it’s brilliant to watch. Bitton and Johansen with Boyata are 3 reasons, add in GMS and Armstrong and we have 5 reasons to trust Ronny with our money and players. This guy will be a football giant when he retires, and yet he is still of age where he could play, he is 6 years younger than Davie Weir for the love of God 😀 We are on a winning team here peeps

He is a bit special right? lol

He is a bit special right? lol

Some will moan and cry regardless! Me? I see good times a-coming! Had you read me a year ago, 6 months ago, a month ago, you would have read POSITIVITY! Because this is what Ronny is and demands from his players, he has the fans onside just now, just wait a year, I promise you, this guy will have a statue somewhere one day, we are heading for greatness

Ronny speaks after last night’s game:

Enjoy the journey fans!




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