Scottish #Aye People Stopping Freedom Of Expression!!? + ‘Shills!



This is aimed at the people who feel it may be aimed at. Since 2012 I have attached myself to amazing Facebook groups like this one here where I share today. I see the bigger percentage of people ‘Debate, but sadly some ‘Admin are stopping Scottish bloggers, thinkers and good debaters from FREEDOM TO EXPRESS OPINIONS! Now 1 person’s name keeps coming up time and time again, I know the person, amazing person they are. I do see where people are coming from however. How in Gods name can we be a Free Scotland when we have wanna-be control freaks running groups that equate to very little in the grand scheme of things, if they keep deleting comments from #Aye and #Naw voters or thinkers, what are they doing? It’s in the title! Now I will give the groups I am in a free plug here, may I add EVERY groups is a pleasure to be in and debate in. But these same few names keep getting told or talked about. Me? I don’t care, I change the subject, if I REALLY had a huge problem with someone I would do what a grown man does, and I have done this, and that is go to the source and ask “Why you deleting people’s comment?” Also, do we forget where we come from? Remember these 2 Video’s? 1 is a song! We have gotten angry and nasty, lets get back to this Scotland. Please? I am ABOVE nobody, nor am I below anyone, like you I am an equal, let us stay as one Scotland or we will fall as individuals, or we can rise, again, as one! LET US REMIND EACH OTHER OF WHAT WE DID BEFORE SEPTEMBER 14th, the ‘Good work we did, all of us! What happened? Anger from the no vote I got, I know others feel the same, today we MUST understand again why we want to be free, and what we will become in an oppressed World as a free nation, because we are climbing the same mountain as Dr’ King did with his message 50 years ago in the USA. It’s the same, we must climb together and drop the hate. Remember how much we thought we would be free? Here, let me remind you once more 

Stanley Odd – Son I Voted Yes
Via: Stanley Odd on You Tube


Alex Salmond said this in the video below: Scotland, Why didn’t we listen to him? He was 100% correct looking back – We let the man down, we let our kids down, some were selfish, others, no voters took to the streets to celebrate IN ANGER! Wake up NOW Scotland! Lets be one and do it as one, or we will fail. I appeal to your human nature, I ask you look at your kids, Grandkids, any kids, Scotland now, Scotland in 100 years. WE MUST COME TOGETHER NOW OR OUR POOR AND IMPOVERISHED WILL SUFFER! We can do this Scotland, but 1st we MUST remember where we started to get back there, so please, watch these 2 video’s, I beg! I just share for my kids, my reasons. You have yours, I respect that, I don’t respect or tolerate hate as a person. 

Alba gu bràth

I have seen it in a few groups, I just counted and I am in 100+ groups regarding Scottish Freedom, here are some:

Scottish Election 2016 and counting :
Scotland should take a stand :
The Wise Alliance :
The Nicola Sturgeon Appreciation Society :
YES 2 :
Progressive Scotland :
We support an SNP government :
Fundididilly Election Special :
The Scottish Resistance :
Reunite Scotland 45+ :


My Editor at #AceNews, you will see the links below started this page for me Scotland & Independence News <Click) Now as we get closer to the Scottish Elections I will write my rubbish there more, and ALWAYS I allow comments through, I allow comments through on this blog and the 3 others I write for and in for others. Who am I to tell ANYONE what is the best course of action and slap them down? I am of the opinion that the year 2020 would be a perfect year for #IndyRef2 for a few simple reasons, I will explain once more AND DON’T THROW MY WORDS BACK AT ME 😀 Please!! From 2014 till 2020 <Click) We gain 6 years of new youthful voters, sadly we lose a large percentage of over 65’s who voted no at 70%. Sadly I will lose 1 parent for sure by the year 2020, so don’t you dare throw these words in my face! This is about SCOTLAND – NOT YOU OR ME!

We must wait till we have 70% yes - THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

We must wait till we have 70% yes – THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

I would ask the moderators and admins of groups to try and be a little bit more open to others suggestions, I have seen hard hateful debate leading in people getting deleted or banned, me myself have encountered this hate, I give it a good go and if they still want to hate I say “Sorry my friend, I can’t debate you, goodbye” But NEVER on my own pages, just in Facebook in general, I won’t hate! I refuse to hate! I don’t know it all! And NEITHER DO YOU! To be a free Scotland we will only get there as one, same page, same voice. Sure we can have #Yes voters who are not on the same page, but hate? I don’t get it. I often sit and read a debate on any of the above links or even one of my own below and shake my head with my mouth wide open at the hate! I also despair at mods and admin who slap people down, delete comments and generally try and rule Scotland with Nicole in their own minds. Please stop! All you do is drag us backwards peeps 😦 I aim this at nobody, I tire of hearing these same 2 or 3 names, I try my best to be interested but in the end I will give my opinion, take it or leave it and NO HATE WHAT SO EVER! 

This image caused anger and hate as some thought it was using a kid or the ends to a means!!

This image caused anger and hate as some thought it was using a kid or the ends to a means!!

Also people who are mods and admin’s in Facebook groups to try and free Scotland come across sometimes as if they are important, you know? Do you see it? I know this only because most people thrown names into chats when we all talk to each other about football, politics, Scotland and other very normal things, just the way we are built, don’t get offended 😀 Scotland is a fun place, we should cheer up a wee bit in my humble opinion! So many people in Scotland that I can see from my chair, same as your chair, the almost ‘Waiting to be offended’ people, people looking for things to moan about is where I am trying to go here 😀 Failing badly also 😦

Do people talk about me? 😀 The answer is YES! My God of course they do, it’s the way people are built, but what I don’t do is feel the hate. Most of what I see in these groups are ‘Shills’ Now if you don’t know what the ‘Shill’ is let me explain. Government and Media paid people are thrown into these groups above and others and their soul cause of being is to to do 2 things. 1. Cause utter hate and anger, and 2. To come across as the good person, yet VERY WELL, they still cause anger and hatred. I can spot them a mile away, I could name a few usernames, nothing more, I just delete them, why hate online? It’s a bit stupid is it not? 😀 Surely as we pay for this we might smile the odd time. PLEASE! I am speaking about 1% and having fun and no hate while I do it. All I do here are give my opinions and always, say it till it is boring, if not boring already, that I refuse to debate hate. Someone in your face is better, you usually see emotion and shake hands, the stuff I see written in some groups make me think “Are these people Scottish, because that just isn’t what a Scottish person would say” 😀 Yeah? lol

Knowing where hate and anger comes from is key! Look HARD! You see them

Knowing where hate and anger comes from is key! Look HARD! You see them

If we are to be free, do you want to be free in a Scotland where we are all arguing? Drop UDI <Click) (Unilateral Declaration of Independence)Peeps, if you decide to do so of course, why? Because it can’t happen just now, we only have 50% <Click) We did gain 5% in the 8 Months from September 14th 2014 to May 7th 2015, so this is showing us a trend and we must allow the process to build and it will!!! We must allow it to just happen. Should we go #IndyRef2 too soon, we lose and my 5 year old Daughter will get the next Independence vote when she is my age, 40 years old! These are my opinions. I do not hate, I refuse to be angry. But unless you people who delete opinions and or cause hate and arguments stop, we would be as well deleting EVERY SITE and taking it up the rear from Whitehall and all it is for ever, for all of time!

Simple right?

Simple right?

More Respect, less hate!

PS: I am also imperfect, I am not perfect, I am just trying, my opinions are mine, take them or leave them I say. Because this is what I do with others opinions, I think “Yeah” or “Nah not for me” I ask Scotland, how hard it is to notice hate and delete it? 

I respect you all, I love your groups. NOW LETS FREE SCOTLAND FROM THIS UNION, TOGETHER!!





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