Videos – Dog waits on his dead owner! & Amazing kid with Downsyndrome #WOW

spotThis is a story I seen on Facebook from a website called : Lights-off – Daily megabyte Was from my mates wife Elizabeth, so thank you for sharing this 😀 Now I can share to more, because this is just an AMAZING, SAD, HAPPY and all in-between emotions type story. I am also adding my own video as it’s ‘Similar in Human thinking or Human emotion, if you feel it, good, if not just keep reading and watch the videos, LOL

When a man from Lone Oak, Texas tragically died after being hit by a drunk driver, his dog never got over it. If there’s someone who will always love you no matter what, that’s probably your dog. They have an unconditional bond with us that is very hard to break. Before the accident, the man’s dog would always greet him as he pulled into their home after a long day of work. After the man died, the dog continued his routine, even though day after day, the owner was nowhere to be seen. That didn’t discourage the dog, who just kept waiting for her master to come home. 

Dog waits for deceased man to return home
VIDEO>> Via:CNNon You Tube

Was that not just the most amazing story or what? 😀 Very sad but also amazing. We must say R.I.P to Wayne Giroux from Loan Oak, Texas who the dog is waiting for, the poor guy died in a car crash. This Dog is GRIEVING. Many months the dog has stood waiting on his best friend, Dogs are called “Man’s best friend” for a reason, they are the most loyal, loving species there is that us Human’s can interact with without killing them, apart from a few Countries who eat Dog. This is more than love, it’s a bond between Human and Dog that is just so close! I love my family but often I feel the Dog is the only one who doesn’t judge me 😀 Come on, you know what I am saying, we are Human, it’s what we do, don’t deny it 😀

Anyway, joking and jesting aside, tragic Wayne died, but the love shown by the dog is something, if this video, story, images of the dog, whatever, doesn’t hit you in the heart you should, without me throwing hate in the air, have a think about yourself as a person!


Waiting on his mate


Worried about mate


Is he like other ‘Dog Legends? <Click) There are many more, please share!


World’s Gentlest Dog Befriends Little Boy With Down Syndrome, Melts Our Hearts

Heartbreaking :D

Heartbreaking 😀

This amazing video below had me in TEARS! . I shared it a LONG  time ago, it’s a young kid with Downsyndrome and this Dog, how the dog interact with the kid is JUST WOW! In this World, in our lives we see and hear bad stuff, feel it and be annoyed at life from time to time but all is well when we are on the sofa dressed for bed at 2PM playing Mario Kart on the Wii, so it is good when we see and feel the total opposite of the bad crap in life from time to time. The video above and the video below represent a version of the Human species I can relate too, or the feeling and emotion of the story, you will get that or you wont 😀 If you got it, good on you! You paid attention in class or to someone at some stage to be a person who can read an emotion through words.. Enjoy what we must share more about, cheer up, lets share good things! Songs, fun things, amazing things. I tire of Politics and War sometimes, so when I see these kinds of video’s, I am duty bound to share them! lol Human DNA surely? Who doesn’t share this type of thing? Anway, please enjoy and keep in mind your own human feelings and the story only, or try your best. LOL

Sweet Mama Dog Interacting with a Beautiful Child with Down Syndrome. From Jim Stenson.
Via Jim Stenson on You Tube

More love, less hate 😉

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