Scotland – Do you know HOW MUCH you are lied to? Let me explain

you-can-chain-me-you-can-torture-me-you-can-even-destroy-this-body-but-you-will-never-imprison-my-mi-139955960048nkgStrange thing happened earlier today, a friend I don’t speak in person with asked to Skype with me, “Sure” I replied. So I heard this person’s voice for the first time, male or female is not important, neither is it even important they are Scottish. They told me very quickly and to the point “Someone in the Scottish Yes Movement Groups has told others you are a Government paid Shill”  “Who me” I replied, “Yes you” I was told, then the call ended soon after. I spoke to a few people I know I can trust and low and behold, it is true.

Let me make one thing PERFECTLY clear I know who these people are, I know who says what, I was sent screenshots. Disappointed? No not really? Surprised? No not really? The content I share does not fit well with Unionism or Loyalism neither does it sit well with the No Movement. So it has been told to many I am a “BAD PERSON” Just to clarify, my name is Shaun, I am disabled <Click) with M.E. <Click) To say I am bitterly disappointed with a certain person is to say in the very least just that. This all came about when I did this article here > Scottish #Aye People Stopping Freedom Of Expression!!? + ‘Shills! <Click) I am guessing I hit a nerve with a HIGHLY paid shill, a Government paid person to discredit news and views. One particular group owner or Mod has went into ‘Gossip Overdrive’ before I did that article there and since, and others not knowing better are listening, but again, it is not just me. So lets see how this plays out. Who will blink first? Who has the courage to tell ‘The Truth’ about a ‘Certain People’?hqdefaultLet it be known I am not a shill. I am Shaun, Disabled, I write to expose the lies. If I keep hearing this I WILL blog the screenshots I was sent about the person or people banding my name about as if I am lying or trying to get people to think wrong. My thinking is simple! People will think what they will, but some believe every word they hear. I am just trying to help the #YesMovement, nothing more, nothing less. I am me, I am above nobody nor below anyone. I will out a few people for what they are if this does not stop. May I add, I am not the only one being targeted with lies and I told 2 others they were being ‘Shilled’ also, and gave them the same screenshots of 2 private conversations with others. All this does is make it near impossible for the truth to be told, truth like this also > Scotland, World – This Is How The Media Manipulates You – Read or Don’t! <Click) In reality I find it not surprising, I can play ball, so go right ahead and carry on, I will out you all, names the LOT! Try me. How DARE YOU!! Scottish born try and make others see what is not there! How dare you! The future will look upon you badly, I hope you enjoy your £120 PER POST. You sold yourself to Westminster, why? Will I tell the story? Or will it be told Anonymously? You decide my friend, because your number is up!


Watch and see Nicola make this a truth!!

Give it a break, I will expose you! I want Scotland free for my Daughters, for all our kids and for 100 years from now! 

Simple right?


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7 comments on “Scotland – Do you know HOW MUCH you are lied to? Let me explain

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  2. Hang in there, there’s a lot going on in FB from what I can see, emotions are running high and there’s been some stirring. Things will calm down again, try not to take the bait 😉

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    • Never take the bait myself, it’s the others taking it and believing it I am more worried about. Freedom to share or write is being stopped and Group owners are oppressing it’s very essence… I hope it calms down, otherwise we lose again in 2020.. Thanks Fi..


    • I have had M.E for 15 years, I also have Fibro and Chronic Pain. 😀 I am coming OFF all Medications because they are evil and readjust our opinions. My mind is ok thank you very much..

      Clever reply 😉
      Good try..


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