Vlog – Me Explaining Life In Pain – Life – People & Lots More

Shaun Bond 003 - Licence to express free will :D

Shaun Bond 003 – Licence to express free will 😀

VLOG = VIDEO WITH ME TALKING HERE!! – When I did this I was in AGONY! I was drug free and had been awake for 10 hours, so if you hear a drug sounding voice, this is just pain ok. 🙂 So!! Hey y’all! Testing more software here but talked for 10 minutes about having M.E. and all that rubbish. So if you read what I say about being disabled I ask PLEASE you watch the video of me talking about it 😀 Makes sense when judging people right? Because I will be judged, I know this as I type and I know I will be later, I am fine with people who judge others, they are just bad nasty people, I don’t hate them I almost feel sorry for them because their life is so bad or poor they just want to moan all the time. I have many in ‘Blood-Lines who are EXPERTS in Gossip. Me and my partner are always toying with the idea of telling a certain family member a CRACKING LIE to see how far it spreads 😀 😉 We might have done this for fun already! Nothing bad or cruel, just fun. Did it come back? Yes it did, but it came back a mere shadow of the initial ‘fake rumor’ we started 😀 Anyway, less talk, more Audio! Video below, press play, it’s not an image. PS: I am in bed, unshaven, un-showered and in a LOT of pain here, but it’s all good. I am laying on my front on some bed looking thing. 😀 Have fun, I did 🙂


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