Why Do We Fall? – Motivational Video For People Who Can’t Stand Up


Strange day in many ways today. I spoke with a ton of people who are ill or disabled, even dying. All we can offer are words with no reasons often. So without over talking (Typing) here I will cut to the chase. Now this works for me and I told others and it works for them, they say ‘Thank you Shaun’ But keep in mind I was taught this also, I once thanked a person. When the pain, depression, panic attacks, whatever happen or sets in, try and use a tool. Now this tool can be music, a movie, a walk, basically reaffirming your own reasons to carry on, because sometimes people don’t carry on and we are left thinking “Should I have said more” But the reality is we can be guilt. So I am offering a solution that works for me. Music and motivational things. Head-set on and it does help. I use music but I also listen to reasons why. If you want to help others stand up or be helped to stand up please know you can join this small group, I keep it small so people can talk and be heard..so fire away.. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Issues <Click)

I hope this helps you!!

Why Do We Fall – Motivational Video
Via Mateusz M on You Tube

More love, Less hate – More helping! 


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4 comments on “Why Do We Fall? – Motivational Video For People Who Can’t Stand Up

  1. Hi! Thank you!! This video helped me! I woke up this morning sad because of losing someones affection.. and I felt lost and tired and now I want to keep on trying to do my best. A big hug!

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