#Vlog – Audio/Video Blog – About ‘People’

imagesSo even Einstein, the cleverest person we have had in this awful species we are agree’s with me! Or I agree with him, pick one, matters not a jot 😀 So here I am just, again, testing out some software, video, audio etc to see if things are ok. My Editor from #AceNewsServices <Click) and I have decided we are going to do a weekly/daily, we don’t know yet, video and audio stuff LIVE! Yeah live and spontaneous blogging or on-line radio, Skype will be connected so people can talk about blog’s Ian and I do on Ace News and here on ShaunyNews Media or any other news they want to talk about. Ian and I will debate MANY different issues in our World and personally I can’t wait 😀 I am a total fool and that is good! I want to keeping being a d1@k because there is nothing worse than gossipy normal judgmental people right? LOL. So, enjoy, and please give me feedback

Shaun talking UTTER GARBAGE!!



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2 comments on “#Vlog – Audio/Video Blog – About ‘People’

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