Disgusting McDonald’s! – Proof SEXY sells food! -PERVERTED-


I shared this in 15 Scottish Groups..and people get upset. Why? People throwing hate about as if this is the ONLY issue we have in our World. People in Scotland MUST understand when we are free, we become a free nation into THIS. Sex sells!

Scotland, World – This Is How The Media Manipulates You – Read or Don’t! <Click)

♫ Song ♫ Every Woman or Girl told they were less than others! Evil Consumerism! <Click)

Now I am a man, I find woman sexy, I have a partner, we all look, it’s healthy, but this is a step too far. This is a very young girl and she is being exploited badly so a McDonald’s restaurant in Taiwan can make money and it is! I talk a LOT about consumerism and how we are shown fake beauty, remember? ♫ Song ♫ For Every Woman or Girl told they were less than others! Evil Consumerism! <Click) Is WEI HAN XU, also known as Weiwei a beautiful young girl? YES! But so are my two Daughters aged 5 and 6, I have friends online and in real life and their daughters are beautiful young girls also, but when we use these girls for perversion it become more than wrong. I am just totally against this. I will leave images and a video and some tweets from others but for me this is wrong. There is a GLOBAL Sex trade <Click) I do write about and others write about, for me, might just be me, this falls into that category, this is JUST FECKING WRONG!! Scotland, we want to be part of this?








This is just all wrong., exploiting woman like this



Taiwan Hsu Wei han the most attractive worker in the world
VIDEO Via: Jane Freeman on You Tube


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3 comments on “Disgusting McDonald’s! – Proof SEXY sells food! -PERVERTED-

  1. Japan are worse! I spotted it via comments. Check this..

    Unreal OR WHAT?
    Some cultures are just odd. Not bad, just odd..lol
    I am glad you and I come from semi-decent cultures.. x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your dumb! She’s a college student who also works park time as a model she decided to be a part of this noone forced her to. You talk about exploiting ‘young girls’ actually you’re talking about suppressing women. It’s her body it’s her choice allow her to make it with out your condescension.

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    • So you think this is ok? Fair enough… I have two Daughters 5 and 6 years old, do you have Daughters? Would you like it if they did this? Often we must stand in others shoes to understand the point they try to create…
      Good reply, I respect it..


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