*VLOG* Shaun on Masturbation and Religion – God Help Me!!


The  my Editor and I on AceNews <Click) will be doing some form of Video or Audio soon. This may not be to everyone’s liking but if we are going to be a free and open thinking news agency then I am a believer in freedom of expression. Now this video to look now is “OMG HOW DARE YOU” But I ask you watch, you will probably be smiling afterwards. I make Taboo fun, or at least I try. But lets, through the fun, never stop asking awkward questions many just refuse to want to talk about. Fingers in the ears “La La La La” We are all adult and if we can’t debate this issue, as adults, then let us pull down and delete ALL!! Alternative media outlets.

SO!! 4am, woke up, couldn’t get back to sleep, so I thought I would talk about 2 things people will think “Oh Shaun, please don’t” Well too late! It’s done and it’s below. I really am only testing my new webcam and having a wee (Small) bit of fun. Do enjoy. Again! IF OFFENDED, DO NOT PRESS PLAY. There is nothing here that will send YOU to hell, but I am probably screwed ok 😀 #Enjoy #VlogNumber5 MAY I ADD!! The story I tell was from 15 years ago! Oh! Also, feedback on volume and video please? Thanks…lol

Shaun on Masturbation and Religion

A Road sign...in the USA of course

A Road sign…in the USA of course


This tells A story, but who tells the truth? 😀


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26 comments on “*VLOG* Shaun on Masturbation and Religion – God Help Me!!

  1. Very tongue in cheek matey and entertaining. Did not think you would do it, but you proved me wrong. Looks like anything goes for Shauny.

    Honestly matey, good vlog. Picture quality improved and the audio does not sound like you have a bag of snakes by the micro phone. Much better, although i still had to crank up the volume a wee bit.

    So what’s next?

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    • Thanks mate..I dunno. What you think? Send me something in private.. I will take the challenge… 😀 Cheers buddy..Love your honesty and how you see this as just fun. All it is..But with a true message 😉 LOL

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    • LOL…Thank you. Being Scottish, often people get confused. Our sense of humor is verging on ‘WOW’ at times. We know no boundaries. My speaking in voice to people all over the World, you get a broader reading of your own culture..Make sense? 😀 Life is to be mocked even when we can’t smile. But we must know when to be serious. But being a Scottish man I find it hard.. lol. Life is fun, I make it fun despite my pain and illness. I like to laugh through pain. I do it for many reasons..

      …All that said! You have a life, a story, reasons why you write. We all have a journey or are on one. ME? I have been on one since the day I was born and here I am 40-ish year old…And it’s getting more fun.
      I refuse to let life name me..

      Appreciate your comment..Truly I do.

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      • HA HA …Really? Me? 😀 I just see myself as the fool at the party everyone laughs with, or at, never really done a Scientific research lab paper on this question! Hmmm, I am now thinking I must do this! Next week I am researching this and I will get back with you to tell you one thing from 2..
        They are, as follows..

        1. I did extensive research, I scoured the Libraries of my City and spoke to famous people who are famous for knowing stuff and then via a simple mathematical equation, I will say “I am a ‘D1@K#
        2. I forgot to research so I am still none the wiser

        😀 Sorry…I can’t help myself. Read that in the voice and facial expressions you watched me in…Never take me serious unless I say “Being Serious……….. ! .. lol

        Pleasure is mine to virtually meet you .. lol

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      • 😀 HA HA HA 😀 You should have been there…

        …No wait, that doesn’t sound right 😦

        Em…Yeah my face was a picture for that moment, face to face..Was 5/10 seconds but it felt like 18 years for me.

        Almost a form or time travel. By the time the moment passed I had figured out better security 😀

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      • Sorry..Might be me here. I can’t seem to reply to any of your blogs..
        Settings or intentional?

        Sorry..have to ask 😀
        My WordPress could be broken here…lol

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  2. I was going through some of your stuff and I found this post again. It’s still very fun and your sense of taboo humour is great. A PC wank, who hasn’t done one of them before? You still raise good points though.

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      • Humour is always my goal. I find it real hard to be real. Internet has a great portal for fun, but then turn the coin over, much of what I write is upsetting… #KeepOnKeepingOn

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      • You’re really good at the humour mate. Loved the way you said that anyone who says they haven’t masturbated is lying. I’m sure everyone has done it at least once.

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      • Experimenting on something that is as good as a heroin hit to an abuser, yeah, you bet everyone has tried it 😀 …Although I do have a strange way of describing things I am told. …Hey-ho 😀

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      • Yeah without it our species dies 😀 Everyone must understand sex at some point and I am guessing most feel it alone as younger people…All that didn’t sound right, but you know what I mean.. lol

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      • I remember my first wank too. I’ve never looked back either. Another point in your video is that it isn’t just men that masturbate, I’m sure women do it too.

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      • 😀 HAHA 😀 Yeah this was a species comment….Although this video was fun, some of the comments around social media were as yours are here. Yes it’s funny, but the message and questions were, I guess…real. The issue, Religiously I do feel is worthy debate is “Is it ok to masturbate, with our partners, during sex, ok for Religion”?..Very small point but really hits the Religious issue of the question hard

        Glad real debate came from, what was, me having fun with how our species act…Good chat buddy

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