Loyalists and Unionists – They Run These Groups – Silent Majority


I DO NOT MEAN THE PEOPLE WHO RUN AND OWN THESE GROUPS. I have seen it for a few months and had it confirmed to me today. The majority of people in these groups, the silent majority, the same silent majority that lost us 2014 Referendum RUN THIS GROUP. Now I did say not the mods or admins, the silent ones, cleverly dictating words and bandwagons. I am stunned to my core nobody other than a small group of us can see it. One person who does see it YOU DO KNOW. And when they presented the proof to me I studied and looked and sure enough. The Loyalist’s and Unionist haters sit and spread MEDIA PROPAGANDA. If 1 admin or mod says “How dare you” it means you ain’t read this blog or watched this video. In the end it matters not a jot…Because people are people, some get nasty over LARGE FONT, some get angry over BLUE FONT 😀 What is going on here? People are just angry. What happened?

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