In need of Computer or OS Help? Please bookmark this page!

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This is a new Ace News Feature. Just now we can offer any support, all you do is fill in below what your problem is and the Editor Ian or a staff member will help as much as we can. Later down the line we may also be able to offer cheap parts. For now we will start and see how many people need help with any PC/Laptop/Tablet or Phone help. Also assistance can be given with open source, Windows OS to Apple and Android. Just leave your question and someone will try and help. We will start a Skype for this soon so if we need to help via Audio or remote assistance we can offer this service if required and of course a Twitter account and maybe a Facebook page if it gets busy

For now, please know we are happy to help

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4 comments on “In need of Computer or OS Help? Please bookmark this page!

  1. 😀 Brilliant 😀 Now that made me laugh..Good one! …

    And we will see where it leads us I guess. Anything’s worth a try right?

    Brilliant reply, totally got the fun 😀


  2. Just want to be able to record games like Minecraft ,League of Legends , CSGO and i suppose BF4 with no frame loss or any discomfort. With cloud storage and streaming media who needs to keep gigs and gigs of movie files around anymore anyway?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well this is YOUR way. Everyone has different ways right? All we offer here is PC Help for people who need it and don’t understand coding the way WE do… ‘Regards .. lol 😉


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