President Carter Comes Out Fighting Melanoma To Media – VIDEO

Utter respect for what this great man said in the video below

Utter respect for what this great man said in the video below

I am way too young to know President Carter as a Politician, a leader and President in one of our World’s brightest lights in whatever brightness you choose. As a young man I took a lot of interest in our World, probably why I ask so many questions and think so deeply today. I didn’t know President Carter as ‘Mr President’ but I did meet and learn to respect the man he became after he left his office. He become a humanitarian, he put his own beliefs aside and even questioned them whilst seeking peace in our World. Here in Scotland I was educated well on POTUS Carter, served one term and will be remembered in his old political life for things he said and done, in the New York Times article below and many other sources a regret is not helping relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors, these were his words, although it could be said he was fighting a losing battle. Also he wants to live long enough to help eradicate ‘Guinea Worm  He set up the Carter Center in Atlanta with a will to help. We all wish him well, this man lived his dream and our dream, I  pray he can still work as he wants to. In my thoughts Mr President. Below are some tweets from Twitter, I don’t know low level political workings in the USA but it seems this man is very popular with American people, this is what I can see and feel from here in Scotland.





President Carter speaks to the media about his Melenoma and talks about having to stop work.
This is a man at utter peace with his journey. How can we not respect a man held in such high regard…We can’t

From Scotland with support - He is in our thoughts

From Scotland with support – He is in our thoughts

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ATLANTA — The 39th president of the United States walked into the crowded room on Thursday, slightly stooped at 90 years old, but nimble as a cat. He flashed the fleshy smile that once launched a thousand caricatures.

And then Jimmy Carter spoke, with the lilt of a South Georgia farmer and the pragmatic frankness of a seasoned executive, about the cancer that had been removed from his liver, but was more recently discovered in his brain. He spoke about the innovative treatment regimen to combat the melanoma, which he began a day earlier and planned to continue Thursday afternoon.

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An Amazing American friend shared this with me.

An Amazing American friend shared this with me.


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7 comments on “President Carter Comes Out Fighting Melanoma To Media – VIDEO

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    • I believe Cameron is in as much control of England as Obama is the USA….’Not fully’ I figured a few things out on my researching travel’s and this was one. Undeniable it is..

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      • Carter became President in 1977, after the Vietnam war. He didn’t start wars and he negotiated a peace deal between Egypt and Israel.

        He was also known for his less-than-stellar response to the Iran hostage crisis.

        So what happened to this peaceful president? Not re-elected. He was beat by Reagan in November of 1980.

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      • Yeah I know all this. On the face of it it’s hard to see why he wasn’t POTUS for a 2nd term. Seems a good man by all account.


      • Yeah I do for sure. And you are very correct. How long till Saunders is off the ballot? Fox news removed

        You and I both know he was the popular choice. We could both throw proof at each other all day my friend.


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