Scotland, America, Immigration, Literacy, Palestine, Russia and more……


38a98d1857336868158f3150bd28da92Over the past few weeks I have noted American people debate immigrants. I almost smiled knowingly but in reality it’s a sign of the times coming from #Some people in the USA. People are quick to remind you of History but when you turn the coin around on them they block you or refuse to answer as they have no answer. Every week several people block me through Political or Religion debates because they just don’t have an answer. Happens also here in Scotland, people debating Scotland being free, you ask them a question and they just hate you or block you 😀 People need to educate themselves on issues before they can comment on them. Whenever I 0065209faa3895fc5020c72a179877f3do a blog I am always educated enough on the subject to debate back, like an adult, sadly some adults resort to acting like kids. Me? And others? We block hate. I don’t hate here, just a friendly reminder to certain cultures who HATE. When I say the USA is 37th in literacy I often must tell myself the answer back to me may be uneducated. I know American’s who think Russia is a bad place, that Iran should be bombed off the face of Earth, I also know Palestinian’s WILL 100% be recognized by the international community with-in a year. 11911807_1171291306220746_1854856704_nResearch, knowledge, learning, growing as a person is very important. I know as much as your average 40 year old Scottish person but I do try and always educate myself further. I flunked School, I got thrown out half way through the last year, I was an idiot and bowed to peer pressure and was a fool. I learnt more in the real World than I ever did at School in terms of “How to be a person” In School in Scotland the Education System is 3rd best on Earth but try finding a graph to prove it is very difficult because we are lumped in beside England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 17th in literacy the UK/Britain is today, really poor in my eyes. I know the Scottish education system through my 2 sons who are 20 years old or so and now my two Daughters 1 who is 2nd year Primary school and 6 years old with the other 1st year School aged 5.

The smartest Countries on Earth

The smartest Countries on Earth

Cultures are different, we must deal with this and not hate. As I say I don’t hate, I educate myself and then share what I learn, you then have a choice to read and research or hate me 😀 Call it or don’t, in reality I don’t lose sleep over much, I just love reality in the sense of learning about our World. I have never left mainland Britain so my information comes from talking to people and researching very hard for hours on end on subjects I am confused about. All good fun! Scotland the 14th richest nation in the world <Click) But finding a graph on literacy is very hard. An American person did this and it’s VERY easy to see that without sourcing who wrote it and where they placed the USA and Britain 😀 and how they think and write about other countries. Best Countries in the World <Click) I could share more but I would die of boredom. Apart from that, at this stage I have offended the brain dead and they are not reading this, so well done you for reading it all 😀

Smartest left to right…USA not even on list. What does this tell us?

Smartest left to right…USA not even on list. What does this tell us?

HUGE PROBLEM! Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Struggle to Name Her Accomplishments <Click)

I can't find reliable graphs with the USA on them...UK is 3rd on Earth..USA isn't even close

I can’t find reliable graphs with the USA on them…UK is 8th on Earth, Scotland is 6th..USA isn’t even close



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