Celtic head to Sweden – Squad depth shows in 3-1 United win


Usually as a Celtic fan an game away to Dundee United would be measured as important and we would always play our strongest 11, today showed Celtic to be the new force they have actually became, where we are going as a club and a playing staff that will only improve. If we win on Tuesday against Malmo Ronny is God, should we lose on Tuesday Ronny will be up for the sack by many people. One thing we do know is, no matter what! We have European football till Christmas. But I KNOW we will get past Malmo #Fact

Tuesday 25th - 19:45 Malmö (2) Vs Celtic (3)

Tuesday 25th – 19:45 Malmö (2) Vs Celtic (3)

I was out and about and recorded today’s game so had to spend all afternoon ignoring text messages and calls from people who I thought wanted to talk football or I would talk football with, you know the story 😀 Doing everything possible to get through town, out your car and into your house, with people in it nasty enough to tell you the score 😀 And to then sit down with a glass or cup of choice and enjoy the game, it worked today but when I seen the starting 11 I was like “OH NO” Even Scott Allan couldn’t get a start! Last year it never worked up in Inverness but there is something new about this squad, more together and Ronny is using his squad BRILLIANTLY! We will see how brilliant on Tuesday night!

Red card in first game - Who seen this coming by THAT ref?

Yellow card in first game – Who seen this coming by THAT ref?

Nine changes and with Ambrose I had ‘The Fear’ but there he was again, my good mate Leigh Griffiths 😀 I don’t actually know the guy I just know people he hang around with. Remember this? My October 1st 2014 – Open Letter to Leigh Griffiths <Click there and >>HERE<<by Etims) Well the good man put me at ease when on 17 minutes a superb through ball by Izaguirre Griffiths split the 2 center halves rounded the keeper and passed it into the empty net. This was 100% from the training ground, Leigh is beating the off-side trap more these days and you can tell this is practiced, very easy goal to look at but took a lot of hard work and boring routine training, but the players see the repetition working, so it’s all coming together slowly and will get amazingly better, trust me!! 🙂

Griffiths does what he is getting really good at, how good can he become?

Griffiths does what he is getting really good at, how good can he become?

Celtic AGAIN wasted chance after chance and stranger still most of them from Commons but it was his 2nd full 90 Minutes since May! Wasteful again and this is an issue we are hoping is just something teams go through for a few weeks. Since Boyata gave the ball away twice against ICT in the 4-2 game all he has done is give the ball away mostly, I hope today’s rest helps him get over what is probably a confidence issue, Ronny will be getting his confidence back up I am positive Ronny has this effect on players who’s desire he knows is worth coaching in football and life, this is what Ronny does, he coaches the mind of a football player also. Celtic finally got the 2nd goal after a United corner was cleared, Common’s ended up stand side after a counter attack with a good cross needed, he duly delivered but before the ball could get to Griffiths for a tap in United defender Mark Durnan stuck a foot out hoping his keeper would kick clear, well a mess ensued and the ball rolled over the line for 2-0 Celtic

Durnan puts past his own keeper

Durnan puts past his own keeper

The 2nd half ended on a sour note and a terrible challenge by Ambrose leading to a United penalty, again like the Malmo and Kilmarnock games before we should have been 5-0 up, this time a penalty just before half time slotted home by Chris Erskine. So what should have been another easy half time chat and a cup of tea for Ronny for the 3rd game in as many weeks meant he was probably giving them a hard time, but knowing deep down we had more than enough to beat United to come with and this is what happened. Half Time: United 1-2 Celtic

United pull one back with the last kick of the ball 1st half

United pull one back with the last kick of the ball 1st half

The 2nd half was a different affair altogether, Celtic had the game and pressed well, United never looked like getting a 2nd apart from some strange goalkeeping from Logan Bailly on his Celtic debut struggled with a back-pass and his clumsy challenge on Muirhead had the United fans shouting ‘Penalty, apart from that Celtic were steady, Rogic I thought had a good game today in the Scott Brown role beside Mulgrew who was subbed but ok for Tuesday, Commons got BT Sports man of the match but I thought Eoghan O’Connell had a fantastic game, and him twice giving CB partner Ambrose a roasting is proof enough Eoghan has more to his game than Ambrose, this kid should get a good run in the side in the league as I think he will progress playing alongside Van Dijk, maybe he has lost that chance. I thought he really played very well, and with the 3rd goal also coming from an academy player it almost shoots down the “Celtic don’t produce enough home grown talent out of Lennoxtown” argument that I seen in some media last week

2 Academy products making it look easy

2 Academy products making it look easy

Celtic put the game to bed with 15 minutes to play with Coll Donaldson getting a foot to a goal bound shot from Callum McGregor, I think the ball was heading in anyway but it hit enough of Donaldson to wrong foot Zwick and roll past him. Celtic had several shots and corners in the second half, Ronny got his substitutions right at the right times and all in a good 3 points. McGregor did really well in a loan year in England and came back to Celtic and scored a few at the start of last season then fell away and sadly got injured, yesterday we seen a glimpse of what this kid can do, he can play and if played every week I think would get double figures in goals, a headache for Ronny but a really good one, we still need another striker and a few defenders however, lets hope Champions League Football and it’s fiscal prize can get us the players we need. A certain ex Celtic striker would walk back to Glasgow if given half a chance and also to clear up, Griffiths will happily see out his career at Celtic unless a huge bid comes in but I doubt that highly, we will see

McGregor gets back on the goal trail

McGregor gets back on the goal trail

Now we must wait till Tuesday to see if resting 9 players was a good call, yesterday it is a good call but did all 9 players need rested? I am not 2nd guessing Ronny’s tactics here, far from it I think Ronny is slowly taking Celtic to a new level. We won’t spend silly money on players but the ones Ronny are signing are showing they are decent and will keep improving further, look at say? Johansen and others, his buying record is good and he also makes others better with Bitton being 1 example. Unfair to judge his player buying and selling as he came in the door last summer and brought some dud loan players with him with the added Scepovic gamble that never paid off. Slowly I think Celtic are becoming a TOP European side in terms of football ability. We are a Global Giant, no arguments but Ronny wants to match as much as possible our Global appeal and name with a way of playing. He is moulding a very good unit of players and also getting rid of dead wood he doesn’t see being long term good for the team, Pukki and Balde are gone and I think Stokes and Boerrigter will be out the door this transfer window also with maybe a few still to come in, probably is this is being done on the principle of us playing in the Champions League or 100% the Europa League should unlikely fail on Tuesday against an average side, good start to the season however, pre-season and early domestic football has been planned really well by Ronny, we will see on Tuesday if he got it spot on, I think he has

Great team of 3 took a HUGE risk today, worked well

Great team of 3 took a HUGE risk today, worked well

My man of the match was Eoghan O’Connell, every time he was called on he did his job but he also did well on the ball, Celtic play with the ball around the back a lot patiently looking for gaps to play in, the kid showed today he can do this

See you all Tuesday when we will all be celebrating Champions’ League Group Stage Football. 😉


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