[VLOG] Family, Life, Happy, Medication, Coping, Friendship & More

Best picture I could find, with the one below also.. lol

Best picture I could find, with the one below also.. lol

Video ‘Vlog here. Feedback on Video, Audio quality appreciated and of course the topic I talk about. Also I mention a small Facebook group I started for anyone with any illness, please feel free to join to just read and know you are not alone, link is below the video/vlog. And also a link to another ‘Vlog I done about ‘People 😀 I got a roasting for it from my partner and my mates 😀 I just don’t care so it’s better fun when they mock me, good conversation starter. If people watch, all the better, Enjoy I did


Support Group for Chronic Pain, Fibro, M.E or any other illness related: https://www.facebook.com/groups/699321140156812/

Vlog on ‘People: https://shaunynews.com/2015/08/16/vlog-audiovideo-blog-about-people/


The woman in pink 😀 HAHA

More Love, Less Hate

Shauny 🙂

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4 comments on “[VLOG] Family, Life, Happy, Medication, Coping, Friendship & More

  1. Good blog matey. You’re right. Letting the pain control your life is the worst thing you can do. Whether it be physical or emotional. Take it by the gonads and show it who is boss (when you can). Easier said than done i hear you say, and i would agree whole heartedly. Pain is a fickle mistress and the body and mind can only be strong for set periods of time before they have to give in for a while. It’s inspiring to see you deal with it in such a positive way, when i know it must drive you to the edge on many an occasion.

    On another note. Post production is improving. Sound quality is far better.

    Keep at it matey and that polished documentary style vid will come.

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    • Cheers Patrick, I am finding talking easier than talking. Once ever 2 or 3 days it seems I have to give in and take full poison. Because I am taking way less it’s working so it ‘seems’ I may have found something that half works, about the best I can do.. lol..
      Appreciate your feedback buddy. Not online as much these days.

      Thanks mate

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      • I know I am not online as much. I just find I sometimes get to a point where the info overload gets too much and I need time away. I still keep an eye on things via my phone, just don’t comment as much.

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      • Almost getting to that stage here mate. The hate thrown at me daily from certain people from an uneducated Country make me laugh now…Least you try mate, all any of us can do bud..

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