American Radio debates ‘Scotland will leave the Union! Talking our World too


Soon to be BIG NEWS 

John Hogue's book

John Hogue’s book

Diane Milligan on Facebook shared this video done by Bob Bain’s Farside | Paranormal Podcast from the USA. It’s talking Scotland at the start I would ask you listen. This man is saying Scotland will 100% be free in a few years and uses the same reasons myself and others do. We know the small detail and always the small detail will set you free. PLEASE LISTEN SCOTLAND!! Also it is asked if England and Scotland will war each other. I don’t think this will happen but it was an issue in my mind once before. PLEASE LISTEN SCOTLAND! This is a guy called John Hogue talking about his book. Now many will auto-think “Money maker” NO! He used to be a blogger just like you and I and then just went for the truth at all and any costs. Book to the left and here is the link for the book HERE <Click) I ask Scotland you listen to Diana’s video post about this subject, you need to hear this about Scotland and the World. I have said it often myself, Scotland is part of an oppressed World and we will be free soon, very soon into an oppressed World. We must know this information or it could go badly wrong AGAIN!! Learning means education and Scotland rank 3rd in the World in literacy. It’s high time we showed the World this is actually true, we are slowly getting there as John says in the video below, don’t fall for their lies again, lets turn Scotland MORE Yellow. You can read this lad here also @JohnHoguePrphcy Scotland we must become knowledge very soon

The start of a bigger movement

The start of a bigger movement


Predictions for 2015: World Predictions for 2015-2016 | Prophetic Forecast with John Hogue
VIDEO Via Bob Bain’s Farside | Paranormal Podcast on You Tube


As England leave Europe, Scotland will leave the Union

As England leave Europe, Scotland will leave the Union


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