MORE PROOF – Palestine Testing Ground For Oppression by Israel – 2,500th post

Another Israeli Soldier Speaks the truth we all know anyway..Well most

Another Israeli Soldier Speaks the truth we all know anyway..Well most

As a kid at School seen it on our TV’s, I read it and I was told it. The Holocaust where 6 Million Jewish people died, being so young you just took the information in and then went home, then a point in all our lives happen when we see what we seen as more, we come of age where we feel what happened. One movie I love to watch is Schindler’s List, the story of a HUMAN with a HEART. That is all Oskar Schindler was, a human soul seeing something he hated so he tried to help. If you have seen it I ask you remind your soul of historical facts when he left them at the end of the war. I never ask people to believe anything I write I always say “Research on your own” People get offended when others say “The Holocaust was a lie” and I am one of them to get offended, no hate, just offended, the proof is there, people see THAT PROOF. But people who deny the murder and almost holocaust or genocide happening in Palestine EVERY DAY are reading their version of truth from an old book. People too scared to see the truth, holding a book tight. I ask simply! In who’s name do you think and speak? Your own or a guess? Because I can prove my story, you can’t prove yours. That ladies and gent’s is just the truth. May you all find happiness in a World full of ignorance and lies standing behind a God, be that God Islamic, Catholic or Christian. I can’t hate, I refuse to hate. But let me tell you, it is hard to keep this stance, but I will. In my final breath I won’t hate. Some people are just born #Different right?

Schindler’s List’s Ending Scene
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Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world. — Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:9; Yerushalmi Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 37a.

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An Israeli Soldier’s Story – Eran Efrati
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An Israeli soldier has come forward to speak out about his experiences of working for the IDF, and specifically about how Palestine is being used as a testing ground for “human oppression”. 

Eran Efrati enlisted in the IDF after graduating high school, but was discharged in 2009 where he soon joined Breaking the Silence – a group set-up to raise awareness about the atrocities committed by the IDF in the occupied territories.

Uprooted Palestinians reports:

He worked as the chief investigator of the organization, collecting testimonies from IDF soldiers about their activities. He also guided political tours and to the West Bank and worked to educate Israeli youth about the reality of being a soldier in an occupying army. His collected testimonies appear in the booklet “Operation Cast Lead” and their most recent release “Our Harsh Logic”. Since leaving Breaking the Silence, his investigative reports appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian.

I did RESEARCH on real Earth, not someone’s words from a book <Click)

Ex-Israeli IDF soldier speaks out – Against Israel 2014 <Click)


UK News TV Anchor Jon Snow makes heartfelt plea for the children of Gaza <Click)


Shauny – Wake up World and stop denying your ignorance 

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2 comments on “MORE PROOF – Palestine Testing Ground For Oppression by Israel – 2,500th post

  1. I wish ALL war would cease. I wish we ALL could help each other achieve peace…no more greed…no more killing…just helping each other live our best lives. I am sorry for all the people who die in Palestine…and I am sorry for all the people who die in Israel…and I am sorry for all the Black Lives that are cut short by the racists in the USA…I wish ALL of us could work for peace and STOP this senseless killing of one another.

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    • Well said. What you say is the short and long of it all. It is this easy. Sadly war makes money and our Media make us believe crap. Being in Scotland we do get better news, not 100% democratic but close..
      Well said!! Death in ANY place to any person is wrong…
      Appreciate your good comment.


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