Scottish Legend Lou Macari outraged at £16,000 bill for 9 hour USA Hospital stay


Luigi “Lou” Macari is a Scottish former footballer and football manager. He played for Celtic, Manchester United and Swindon Town and was the manager of Swindon, West Ham United, Birmingham City, Stoke City, Celtic and Huddersfield Town. He was portrayed in a movie Marvellous last year by Tony Curran, in the UK he is a legend as a football player, for people in other parts of the World who don’t know the man, he has a strong opinions. Below are his Tweets and also some tweets at the foot of the page. FOR ANY SCOTTISH PERSON!!! Who moans about waiting half an hour in a Hospital or a Dr’s office, please understand how bad the USA Medical Health System really is, the USA have the worst Healthcare system out of ALL G20 Members. The G20 is made up of the finance ministers and central bank governors of 19 countries: The first 18 here have way better Health Care than the USA!! Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States of America. When you read it like that, it’s no wonder Lou is annoyed, I know American’s who live pay cheque to paycheque

Homeless man sums up American society, Our World, 2015, TODAY <Click)

US Homeless guy spits some truth on USA
Via Tyler Mann on You Tube

America you ain’t Independent, why celebrate a Big Brother state? <Click) This Scotland is what we are trying to free ourselves from, the USA are very hard on their people, only the ones who feel it see it, thankfully some can still go to the movies and live, sadly well over 50% of American people are on the bread line, very poor! Scotland take note and stop complaining about the NHS, this is of course you do complain, I have seen people complain and I shake my head because like Lou now, he understands how precious the NHS is here in Scotland.

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SCOTLAND legend Lou Macari has warned against privatising the NHS after a shocking £16,475 visit to hospital in America.

The football pundit had a terrifying insight into the crippling cost of US health care after falling ill while commentating on a Manchester United pre-season tour.

The gobsmacking bill for just nine hours of treatment at the O’Connor hospital in San Francisco included £3,416 for a room – despite the fact Macari didn’t even stay overnight – and £10,079 for two scans which failed to diagnose bleeding behind his eye. And the former Scotland and Manchester United has told how the experience opened his eyes to the importance of the NHS.

He said: “I was in hospital for stomach cramps and sickness one day for four hours, and then for five hours the next day after I lost vision in one of my eyes. “The treatment I received was fine, but the cost of the health care over there is just unbelievable. “It was the first time I have really appreciated just how important the system we have in the UK is, and why we must make sure that it stays the way it is.

“I can’t imagine the effect receiving a bill like that could have on someone vulnerable or elderly or who just can’t pay for whatever reason. “At the end of the day I am covered by insurance, and I would have got it sorted out one way or the other, but not everyone is in that position.”

Macari was first struck down with stomach cramps and sickness on July 25 and had to visit the O’Connor hospital in San Jose – missing the Manchester United v Barcelona match in the Levis’ Stadium.

He was released after tests that showed no significant illness, but then returned the next day after losing vision in one eye. This time around he was given a head and back scan which again didn’t show any serious ailment. It was only after he visited a separate eye specialist recommended by a Manchester United doctor that bleeding behind the eye – brought on by the strain of being sick the day before – was diagnosed.

Macari added: “The treatment at the O’Connor hospital was fine, even though it wasn’t until I went to see a separate specialist that the problem was diagnosed. “It doesn’t look like anything serious and my eye has been getting better every day. “But it is quite shocking when you see just how much people are being charged over there for health care. “I didn’t even stay overnight and I was charged thousands of dollars for a room, it is incredible. “It is important that the people in charge in this country understand just how bad the American system is compared to ours. “We are always running down the Scottish Health System, but what a wonderful thing it is.”

Macari took to Twitter after receiving his American hospital bill.

He Tweeted: “Neck scan $5918.00  Head scan $9789  Room $5324.00. Total without medication $21,031. This must never happen in the UK.” He continued. Earlier, he had posted a picture of the total bill he received for $25,671, along with the message: “Two days and no overnight stay in US hospital. 1st day 4hrs, 2nd day 5hrs. Our #NHS – best service in the world!”

Americans pay a fortune for private health care insurance, and those without cover are often left without care or hit with an enormous bill.

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2 comments on “Scottish Legend Lou Macari outraged at £16,000 bill for 9 hour USA Hospital stay

  1. When you talk about the medical system in the US, there’s really two tiers – and if you’re in the top tier it is fine as can be. When I was in Cleveland, people came from all over the world to the Cleveland Clinic.

    When I had cancer, from my initial visit, to my surgeon visit, to my biopsy, to my surgery – two weeks. So it is amazing in the access to the latest technology, scans, and surgical procedures. Of course I had health insurance so though the final bill was massive, my out of pocket expense
    was very small. That’s the conundrum, if you’re in the system ( have insurance ), or very wealthy like the Saudi’s etc who come here it is brilliant.

    If you’re out of the system, then it’s not so good.

    Then it becomes an economic problem – how does one manage costs – some countries restrict access with long waits… it’s pick your poison.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I guess in a way you are correct Bill. Coming from a culture where all aspects of Health care are 100% free I see American’s die due to no Healthcare. It may not be perfect, it’s 30+ in the World the US Health care, if you have money it’s a great thing. Sadly America is now 14th Poorest nation in the G20…So it won’t work for all. I speak to so many in the pain group(s) and they tell a different story and some if not most have a working spouse…
      Cheers Bill..Hope you are well buddy.


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