US Child Beauty Pageants – Peadophiles in our World


Done by C. Everett Koop

Always on my sidebar here on ShaunyNews

Always on my sidebar here on ShaunyNews

I would never claim to be the best parent on Earth but I do know I try my best to do the right things same as my partner and everyone involved in our life, having kids and watching them grow, for me is a privilege and amazing fun, having two wee (Small) people in the house and helping them grow is an honor, they are so much fun and there is never a dull moment, parents, I see you nodding in agreement 😀 My Sons are all grown up aged around 20 years old. We have two Daughters 5 and 6 years old. I stumbled across this programme on TV earlier when me and my partner were surfing for something to watch for the 8pm Saturday Movie, now the girls are back at school they are sleeping well before 8pm. I was sickened in one channel I stumbled onto USA channel ‘TLC ‘ (The Living Channel) to say the least I was angry at what I seen, kids 5 years and younger dressed like 21 year old woman going out for a night out, my partner and I had a talk about it and she assured me there are worse, a lot worse. USA Today did a brilliant piece HERE <Click) I have never seen anything like this on TV. USA Today were right to debate the story but for me and my culture this is not human-like. You don’t dress little girls up like whores and push them in-front of a TV Camera, you just don’t dress your Daughters this way PERIOD! And if you allow it when they are 10 years old you be a good parent and say no, WE MUST LET OUR KIDS BE KIDS FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! I researched for the last hour and I seen not many countries hold these disgusting shows. It is almost a job for some, the quote below is from USA Today about an Indian girl being named Miss America, it didn’t go down well I am reading. Also this is very much a USA TV thing, I researched well and couldn’t find many more Countries show this

Quote from USA Today:

The world of beauty queens and pageants was in the hot seat last week, and not just because of the racist online comments hurled at Nina Davuluri after she became the first woman of Indian descent to be named Miss America. This is a practice not judged ‘Morally right’ by the rest of the civilized World and rightly so!

The French Senate approved the bill, but it must be passed by a lower house of parliament before becoming law. According to The Guardian, the attention to the “Mini-Miss” beauty pageants was prompted by debates over a 2010 photo spread in French Vogue featuring a 10-year-old girl in heavy makeup, high-heeled shoes and tight clothes and pouting provocatively. Such a ban wouldn’t fly in the USA, says sociologist Hilary Levey Friedman, a research associate at the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and author of the new book Playing to Win: Raising Children in a Competitive Culture. “Historically and legally, our system defers to parents to make the right decision for their child,” she says. “We see the family as more of a private entity.”


Please consider showing your Daughters these 2 links & Video, if and when the time is correct >

♫ Song ♫ Every Woman or Girl told they were less than others! Evil Consumerism! <Click)

The Model Industry & Young Girls <Click)

One programme is little girls same age as mine dressed VERY inappropriately! My Daughters are 6 and 5 and I was channel surfing earlier and there it was on American TV Channel . My jaw hit the ground. It seems this is really bad in the USA and it brings me back to this articles I did above here on what GOOD PARENTS SHOULD SHOW THEIR KIDS!! If you consider yourself a good parent, sharing these above links with your Daughter at the correct time is a must, I think so anyway, it’s all fake and we MUST show the truth to fragile minds who think “I am not like the girl on that magazine or TV” Parents it is SO important we do our jobs. My girls will slowly be told what is real and what is fake, but TOTALLY at the right time when they are ready to hear it and understand it. That is my job as a Dad, I can’t look at it another way. ‘7 Things a Daughter needs from her Father’ above is so true for me, just a simple image but so powerful and true. This video below I have shared 100 times and I will keep sharing till adults and kids know most of what we see in magazines and TV when it comes to ‘Beauty’ is actually FAKE

Standard Of Beauty & Photoshop | Model Before and After
Via EcoworldReactor on You Tube

~~ The Ugly Truth to Child Beauty Pageants <Click)

You can click that text above to this site. As funny and entertaining as child beauty pageants like TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras can be, the show has pageant!p!girl-296x300raised immense controversy, and for good reason.  After watching 4 year olds be spray tanned and a 3 year old be dressed up as Julia Roberts’ prostitute character from Pretty Woman, it’s obvious to anyone that child it’s obvious to anyone that child beauty pageants pageants are nothing less then blatant objectification of young girls.  The costumes, the make up, and the “primping” process teach these girls that their looks are what matters. Rather than raising strong, confident girls who want to achieve the best in life, these parents and the hosts of the competitions provide a platform on which little girls are dressed up as Barbie dolls and paraded around, trying to achieve some form of perfection that shouldn’t exist in little girls. This IS a USA problem! Check <Click) Even Russia has banned this practice. So do American’s who think Russia is evil want to talk to me? I have proof! <Click) Do your own research also <Click) UTTERLY DISGUSTING!

Amusing: The judging panel seem to enjoy the three-year-old's depiction of an LA prostitute, though one mother was shocked

Amusing: The judging panel seem to enjoy the three-year-old’s depiction of an LA prostitute, though one mother was shocked


Just wrong!

An estimated 250,000 children participate in child beauty pageants every year, and the number is only rising because of shows like Toddlers and Tiaras.  The industry is now one of the largest growing businesses in America, and on average beauty pageants are grossing over 5 billion dollars. (This makes money, WTF?) With numbers like these, child beauty pageants aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s only fair to ask the government to regulate these competitions, in the hope of saving the childhoods of many little girls and boys. For most pageants, children can begin participating basically as soon as they can sit up by themselves, so it is the parents, and most often the mothers, who force their kids into the pageant world.  This world is not pretty.  The pageant world for young girls can ultimately ruin their childhoods, essentially forcing them to grow up too soon; the costumes and the make up and the big hair sexualize these little girls, way before they should become sexual.   Young girls in beauty pageants often imitate older women through the use of sex appeal and costumes that “enhance” their outer beauty.  The Beauty portions of the competitions feature the contestants dressed up in provocative outfits, dancing and performing the all-too-often inappropriate routines on stage, while being judged for their looks.  This literal judgment can destroy the girls’ sense of self-worth and beauty, causing long-term damage.  For a “glitz pageant,” the typical preparation includes fake eyelashes, fake nails, hair extensions, teeth whitening, eyebrow waxing and grooming, heavy make-up, and most recently, breast and butt padding to enhance the look.  The costumes are often low-cut, see-through, or just plain inappropriate for the four year old wearing it.

If ANYONE tried to dress my girls like this I would smack them in the teeth!

If ANYONE tried to dress my girls like this I would smack them in the teeth!

Oct. 25, 2013 – A Colorado court on Friday unsealed the 1999 grand jury indictments of John and Patrica Ramsey, parents of slain 6-year-old pageant princess JonBenet Ramsey. PICTURED: May 1, 1994. Boulder, Colorado, U.S. – JONBENET PATRICIA RAMSEY (08/06/1990-12/25/1996) poses for a beauty pageant portfolio at a photo studio. (Credit Image: © ABL Studio/ Murder of JonBenét Ramsey <Click) The kid above was taken and murdered. I am told this is a case in the USA most adults remember

~~End Story~~

All images I got here from from a TV programme’s website called Toddlers and Tiaras | TLC <Click) Also the likes of Miley Cyrus are bad role model for young girls, yet she gets airtime. Why? We don’t get much of her over here in Scotland but the images and video’s popping up on Social media are disgusting. Then we wonder and think as a species why we have so many teenage pregnancies. I know not all are through this process but SURELY it can’t help. My partner and I were teenage parents but this nonsense wasn’t on TV back in the Mid 90’s, no internet, we got to view and read what we were given back then, today we have more information to digest, strange as people say we are losing freedom’s, seems to me we get to know almost everything these days, news wise it’s most of it is real but some of it fake, as I always say “It’s the small details in life that define us” And this is one area where it is having damaging effects on us as a species, and globally. Peadophiles are local and lonely and also local and in huge numbers, for me it’s naming and shaming, where the 2 Websites below are being shared is where the sharing is happening, two sites where the owners of the sites are trying to name, shame and frame these beasts all over the UK, there are similar sites all over the World, often when we hear ‘Internet Spying’ we think “That’s not right” Then we see this debate and we wonder if it is to help us. Then reality hits me and I take all that back

Miley Cyrus is watched by Millions of USA Teenagers

Miley Cyrus is watched by Millions of USA Teenagers

With the World and certain countries more perverse than others is it no wonder sick men want to see this? Sadly Scotland has a Sex Offence Register and it’s open to the Public to check and look any time they like.

This is the site here and we can check when we are unsure. A friend of mine posted a Peadophile we all know about 2 months ago from that very site. David King – Penicuik/Dunbar <Click) I was at the party this happened, me and my Partner were 20 years old or so at the time, left to go home in a Taxi back to Edinburgh, when we all left the Peado pounced! And I am happy to announce I beat him up for what he did and beat him well, I was a stupid kid but for me you don’t do this, not often would I call the police on people like David King below (ALL THIS INFORMATION IS IN THE UK PUBLIC DOMAIN) I was at the court case and saw the vile man crying to the judge, HE GOT FINED!! Myself my Dad and a few friends walked out shaking our heads, he had done something to a young girl, a family friend lets say. I was the only 1 who managed to beat him up a little, the Police came to my home and asked me “Did you beat up David King” and I said “Yeah” And that was about it, police were ALMOST thanking me death with winks, or something like that 😀 David King never pressed charges, he knew better. If I seen him again I don’t know what I would do. Lets just say it’s best I don’t, and I am not alone in my thinking, all my mates shared this when it went live online. There is also this site here, the man who does this site does a brilliant job!


David King – On the sex offenders List David King, 37, has been forced to flee his home in Penicuik in 1997 after a man told the local community about his perverted past. He has now moved over the Forth Road bridge to Fife.
Married father-of-two Mr King was convicted of an indecent assault on a 12-year-old girl in a Penicuik house in November 1996.
He was found guilty of touching the girl inappropriately and sexually and of placing his hands around her and kissing her forcefully.
He was fined £350 at Edinburgh Sheriff Court. And was NOT imprisoned


David King – On the sex offenders List

I have written or shared as much as I can on the ‘Alleged’ UK/Worldwide Sex Scandal with many blogs <Click) If you go into 1 blog 3 more like it appear at the foot of the page or bottom of the blog, so they are all linked for anyone wanting to get up to speed on where this disgusting story has been and where it is going. I will NEVER be the one to tell ‘THAT STORY’ Sorry too rich for me, I just share what is out there should you choose to look. And also I share news, I don’t believe everything I share. Just had to add that. Share if you can please, this is important for all our lives and kids perhaps

School tells 5-year-old that this dress is inappropriate for school <Click)

Not such a Pretty Woman: Mother dresses girl aged THREE as prostitute in Toddlers and Tiaras pageant <Click)


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4 comments on “US Child Beauty Pageants – Peadophiles in our World

  1. somehow the US started to sexualize kids – not good for them or the culture.

    Miley Cirus is one of the long series of Disney child stars who went off the tracks, think Lindsey Lohan…


  2. ” I agree with ShaunyNews and many other prolific ACTIVISTS who do not shy away from the sickening truth that 90% of the worlds populas choose to ignore this horrific horror that humanity wishes to ignore by going to a football game, playing bingo and talking about satire vanity and most importantly the MSM, coupled with the mass sitcom’s people engage with other than dealing with the issue that young CHILDREN ARE BEING SEXUALLY ASSAULTED ‘RAPED’ MURDERED AND ENSLAVED BY THE CONSENT OF THE BRITISH POLICE AND GOVERNMENT AND IGNORED BY OUR ELECTED POLITICIANS ! We Are All Sick Bastards Of Humanity For Ignoring This !!

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