Voting Donald Trump is bad for our World – Makes USA more Fascist


A sad reality for all G8 Countries

A sad reality for all G8 Countries

The problem with the question I am asking here is many in the USA don’t even know what ‘Fascism is, nor do they care. I know some American’s who are smart enough to say “We vote Trump as next POTUS we got backwards further” but I also see people write “OH Yeah I am voting Donald Trump as it makes sense for America” THEN! They don’t explain in what way it will be GOOD for the USA, so please tell me why Donald Trump is good for America as POTUS. These are the FORTUNATE Americans who can go on European tours to different Countries, can eat out most nights, go to the cinema regularly and live well, if you feel I am talking about YOU then sadly that is your own conscious you can feel!  Today over 50% of the USA are poor, but unless you see it you won’t know it. A very good friend of mine works in Food Pantries as they are called in the USA, my friend must see this isn’t a small problem. People just watch news and fall for the lies they are told, Scotland fell for it September 14th 2014 but made amends on May 7th 2015 by retiring over 30 Politicians by voting the liars out. I called the USA Fascist MANY times and I MEAN GOVERNMENT! NOT YOU! There are MILLIONS of good Americans who know their country is fascist, but they are being silenced, same way Fox News silenced Ron Paul in the last POTUS vote, Ron Paul was winning all the straw polls then one man, one annoying man the World just hates, I don’t hate him but he is a dangerous man with over half of the USA believing his every word, if you didn’t get it, I mean Bill O’Reilly. He has told so many lies that someone has published a BOOK!! On his lies 😀 I tell no lies!! This here is the book of “Bill O’Really Lies” HERE <Click) The link is in there

IF' You believe this man in any way, seriously, go see a Dr. We laugh at it, we being the 'WORLD'

IF’ You believe this man in any way, seriously, go see a Dr. We laugh at it, we being the ‘WORLD’

Quote from above link:

The controversy around O’Reilly first began in February when left-leaning political magazine Mother Jones published an article accusing the Fox News host of embellishing the violence he witnessed while covering the Falklands War in 1982 for CBS News. O’Reilly claimed to have “reported on the ground in active war zones” and “survived a combat situation,” despite being stationed in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aries some 1,200 miles away from the fighting. 

Why The USA should vote Bernie Sanders and rejoin humanity – In 1 short video <Click)


This guy would see a more stable World.

What followed was a deluge of accusations hurled at O’Reilly, with media organizations and former colleagues charging the host with fibbing about everything from his coverage of El Salvador’s civil war to witnessing deadly bombings in Northern Ireland to being attacked while reporting on the LA riots to hearing a gunshot ring out at a JFK-related suicide in Florida. The man is a born liar, he is paid VERY WELL to misinform the American public who are 37th in the World when it comes to literacy, this covers all the main groups of Education via the United Nations. United Nations based in New York City, USA! So Ron Paul for me should be POTUS right now, he was kicking butt! Big time, then Bill O’Really took him off the Fox News polls, he fell away then others removed him, but Bill got the ball rolling. America I stand firm in my belief Hillary will be 2016 POTUS but the Donald Trump bandwagon surprisingly is going fast, but when you realize he will give to his friends and take from you, it makes sense in Fascist USA! People will be offended at ‘Fascist USA’ coming from some half clever Scottish guy, but below I leave enough Tweets by American people saying what I am here. I know 100′ of Americans who say “Shaun, we are Fascist, you are right, why can’t they see it” My reply is “Education”

The Owners of the USA – Education and Fascim by a VERY SMART AMERICAN.
You laughed at him, but did you take his message in? Not too late you know!
Via Wake911up on You Tube

Back to reality now!! 



I done a few articles on Donald Trump before he was thrown out of Scotland for trying to tell us how to vote, the man is an IDIOT. But fools will think “Well he can’t be that stupid, he is a Billionaire” They would be right but it isn’t hard to make money in the USA if you already have a soap box to stand upon. I am just giving opinions here but more important educated opinions, I await knowing nobody who will want to vote Trump tell me why they will vote for him, this won’t happen but I expect it. They are voting for him because the ‘Nice man on TV said so’ The way I am seeing you America is the richer you are the dumber you are. Let me explain best way a Scottish guy, knowing the USA could impact Scotland BADLY is simple. Here is proof if any is needed, but we will be free from the USA and British politics AND WAR very soon!

Need I say more?

Need I say more?

Because I am disabled and suffer really bad pain I have become good at noticing things, in the beginning I seen pain in others easily, now I see it all because my mind is open, the less a person has to care about the less educated they are. I have had American’s throw so called “Clever Americans” at me to out-debate me and EVERY TIME they blocked me because they were so dumb and stupid they had too, I was making a fool out of them without even trying. If you know me you know I don’t and can’t hate, but I will stand my corner. I await my next invitation to a USA Radio station for them try and make me look stupid! Put it this way I would come across stupid on a Scottish Radio show as we are 3rd in the World when it comes to being ‘clever’ This is just meaning our Education System is BRILLIANT! But to be fair most small countries do get a better life, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Holland are all smarter than the USA by a country mile because their education systems are the same as Scotland’s. Denmark is the best place on Earth to live, Scotland 3rd, but when Scotland become free from the British Union we take Number 1 slot that day. No brag, just facts

tony meme trump conservative fascism

August 4th 2014 – Donald Trump: Ebola-Infected Aid Workers Must Suffer the Consequences <Click) Remember America? See Donald  Trump is a Man of commerce, a money maker with friends in very high places in commerce, he knows the owners of Pharmaceutical Giants and for me here in Scotland I see this as the biggest problem. Trump knows the Bankers who YOU bailed out the same as we (Our London Masters for the time being) did here in Scotland, some Countries in Northern Europe JAILED their bankers while the G8 and G20 Countries bailed them out only for the banks to STILL throw people out their homes. When it comes down to it in life it’s a case of the ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ The people who have are oblivious to all this, they hate, they get easily offended and it is funny but then the laughter dies down and the reality and danger of the USA comes into plain sight. How many Wars have the USA started, they have killed MILLIONS of innocent people, 15,000 miles away from Mr and Mrs Stupid American the same ones who sit on their fat backsides watching TV with enough food to feed a whole tribe in Africa and say “KILL THEM ALL” Very dangerous don’t you think? I said when a Russian resolution was passed to stop war with Iran that it was a good thing! Sadly some REAL DUMB Americans said “We should be bombing them!! Bill told us too” I think what actually happened here is American’s just couldn’t deal with the fact Russia, a smarter better place to live than the USA could stop the USA invading Iran for no reason. Also many American’s think ALL Islam is out to behead you and I!! Here is the truth people> Super Famous American Muslims for STUPID RACIST Americans! <Click)

As I always say, the small detail will free our minds!

As I always say, the small detail will free our minds!

I will share some blogs with you America but I know you are TO DAMN LAZY and scared to be proven wrong. You don’t run this World no more, the UK runs this World now, Britannia sadly DOES RULE THE WAVES! I am Scottish so don’t think I am happy about this as I am British by default. Slowly the shackles of the Union are being replaced with Scottish Disabled Parking Badges to .SCOT Websites. Below I will leave a few articles I researched well for you to ignore, also I leave twitter comments by fellow American’s of yours saying EXACTLY what I am. So before you accuse me of ‘American Hating’ as so many very stupid Americans have in the past, realize out of your populous (All American People) MILLIONS are thinking like I type here? Don’t believe me? Then 2 things are happening. 1. You refuse to see it and/or research it OR 2. You are too scared to see it!! So all I can do as a Scotsman is try and tell my Scottish Kin we MUST escape the grasp of Britain to escape the stupidity of America (I MEAN GOVERNMENT LEVEL USA – NOT YOU) 

Communism, Fascism, Marxism and the USA <Click) 

Elite Evacuating USA – Something is up! The story connects! End of the USA? <Click)

I even done one on London, England! Fascist State Westminster Establishment? – The List!! <Click)

Well over a year ago I asked this > A question to the people of the USA <Click)

Fascism explained:

Fascism (/fæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Influenced by national syndicalism, fascism originated in Italy during World War I, in opposition to liberalism, Marxism, and Anarchism. Fascism is usually placed on the far-right within the traditional left–right spectrum. Fascists identify World War I as a revolution. It brought revolutionary changes in the nature of war, society, the state, and technology. The advent of total war and total mass mobilization of society had broken down the distinction between civilian and combatant. A “military citizenship” arose in which all citizens were involved with the military in some manner during the war. The war had resulted in the rise of a powerful state capable of mobilizing millions of people to serve on the front lines or provide economic production and logistics to support those on the front lines, as well as having unprecedented authority to intervene in the lives of citizens. Fascists view World War I as having made liberal democracy obsolete, and regard total mobilization of society under a totalitarian single-party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict. To respond effectively to economic difficulties, such a totalitarian state is led by a strong leader — such as a dictator and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party — to forge national unity and maintain a stable and orderly society. Fascism rejects assertions of violence automatically being negative in nature and views political violence, war, and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation.


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